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Brand New Website for 2019

So after a couple of months, we’re proud to finally unveil our brand new website. Whilst we haven’t quite gone through the complete re-brand we did in 2015, we do think our brand new website is a step up. With our work for clients taking priority, it’s safe to say it’s been a battle to make time where we can. We’re quite proud of the end result, so without further ado, let us tell you what’s new:

The benefits of using icons on your website

They are the universal language that guides us

The Benefits of Using Games in Your Marketing Strategy

Start achieving up to 90% engagement from consumers! If you have ever thought about using games as part of your your marketing or advertising strategy, we’re here to tell you how and why they can be a highly effective tool.

An interview with Jack Gudgin

Interview with Jack, the new starter at Kino


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