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Brand New Website for 2019

So after a couple of months, we’re proud to finally unveil our brand new website. Whilst we haven’t quite gone through the complete re-brand we did in 2015, we do think our brand new website is a step up. With our work for clients taking priority, it’s safe to say it’s been a battle to make time where we can. We’re quite proud of the end result, so without further ado, let us tell you what’s new:

The Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 2

Quarantine Loops by Clim For many of us, lockdown is starting to seem very repetitive. In a bid to add some humour to the situation, the Barcelona-based design agency Clim has created Quarantine Loops, a series of animations which reflect everyday life during a global pandemic, from The muted palette animations include cooking in the […]

The Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 1

The Covid-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down leaving many industries in an unprecedented situation. As we continue to work and from our ‘home studios’ here at Kino, we decided to take a look at how other creatives are adapting to life under quarantine.

The benefits of using icons on your website

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