The Royal Free London Hospital – Vaccination Campaign

In January 2022, The Royal Free London hospital got in touch with Kino to create an internal ad campaign. The goal of the campaign was to increase the vaccination uptake amongst the Royal Free staff, before the NHS staff vaccination deadline on the 29th of March.

With approximately 10,000 healthcare staff and people in supporting roles, at risk of losing their jobs due to not being vaccinated, we created an ad campaign to target specific cohorts of the Royal Free staff. Instead of a blanket campaign, we used targeted imagery and wording to impactfully address the un-vaccinated staff members, which mostly consisted of nurses, porters, and support staff.

The ads were created to run across the Royal Free’s internal portal system as well as email. We avoided using threatening language and opted to shine a light on who the vaccine would protect and warn of the impending, government mandated deadline for all patient facing health and social care workers in England.

Images of NHS Royal Free London Ad Designs