An Interview With… Karo Laptas

An Interview With Karo Laptas


What do you do to relax?

Between all the student hustle, relaxing feels like a distant memory, but I’ve been squeezing in some game time lately – The Witcher and Vampire Survival are my go-to tools for relaxation.


What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

My great-grandmother “Follow your heart and let kindness be your guide in life”.


What was your biggest challenge to date?

Getting the visa was like a marathon – almost nine months of twists and turns, but the true challenge came in balancing full-time work with my studies and completing my goal of achieving a scholarship for the best grades. Everything is possible!


Who are your heroes, both in and out of the business?

I’m not big on having strict heroes, but in design, Salvador Dali and Zdzislaw Beksinski are major inspirations. Beyond business, I admire those who share their passions, and of course, my dear mother, who sparked my love for art through her drawings of cats 😀


What made you want to work in the design industry?

I graduated in ceramics, but clay and I weren’t exactly BFFs. So, I hopped into graphic design. I’ve always been the creative type, and teaching showed me where my heart really belongs.


What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

It is difficult to point to one most proud moment, but seeing the projects I’ve worked on come to life always fills me with pride.


What is your key tool in any marketing campaign?

Social media’s a real game-changer, especially considering peoples interaction time with screens and the world tends to be through their phones and social media in this current time.


What is the best thing about social media?

To me, the best thing is being able to find inspiration from other artists and connect with people all over the world. There is a wealth of beautiful and inspiring work just seconds away from you.


What is your favourite aspect of your job?

There’s so much that I love about my job, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific thing! My job brings so much variety, new tasks, challenges and problems to overcome. So you could probably say it’s the variation!


Favourite quote…

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs