Privacy Policy

Kino Digital Design Limited (Kino Creative) has limited interaction with personal information and data. Kino Creative will only gather data and personal information for the following purposes:

  • To contact those requesting a consultation.
  • To sustain contact with clients and customers required for business continuity.
  • To provide requested communication materials (newsletter, e-marketing, etc.).
  • To best understand how an individual interacts with our services and website, so to provide a better and more efficient service in the future.

We control physical security in relation to the information and personal data that is contained at our facilities. Where unauthorised access by people could compromise our security and integrity access is restricted to the site, building, computers, desks, equipment and other facilities.

All proprietary or confidential information, including personal data is exclusively stored digitally, and is kept secure with more than adequate protection. We have complete access and control of information and personal data, where all access to any personal data is restricted.

Any individual, who provides Kino Creative with data and information, can at any point, request the following actions, specifically keeping in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • Request a clear and concise description of what their data is being used for, as well as the choice to restrict any processing of that information.
  • For a portable, accessible version of the data that Kino Creative possess of any individual to be available.
  • To have their personal data changed, rectified, or erased at any time.

Kino Creative aims to respond to any individual’s request regarding their own personal information, within 72 hours,

We are strongly committed to the protection of data privacy online and accordingly, we take protective measures to protect any and all personal information provided to us by you. We will not share your data with any third parties (unless required by law).

In the event of a data breach, we will immediately notify all who are affected, taking immediate preventative action against future breaches, and inform the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) within 72 hours.

Kino Creative aims to be fully compliant with any and all data protection law, including GDPR. We understand the importance of data privacy, and strive to be as transparent as we possibly can so to increase trust between ourselves and the individuals who interact with our business. If you have any queries regarding our Data Privacy policy, or the data we possess, please contact us via