2D Animation

For over twenty years we’ve provided a variety of 2D animation services for a variety of clients around the world. From standalone, informative animation sequences to attention grabbing calls-to-action on websites. Animation is the perfect way to not only grab attention, but keep it, with eye catching visuals and motion that’s easier to remember than words on a page.


At Kino Creative, storyboarding is the crucial first step we will take with any animation project. It’s our first step in planning out visuals, as we’ll design up keyframes for the proposed animation in a format that means we can efficiently apply any amends or changes quickly and efficiently. It also gives us a chance to get settle on a visual style.

Audio Editing

Video animations are made up of visual and audio elements, and here at Kino Creative we don’t just possess the technical know-how to get your animation to look how you want, as our audio editing skills mean we can make it sound excellent too. Whether you’re looking to include a voice-over, sound effects or backing track, our animating team can point you in the right direction and make sure everything sounds just right.

HTML5 Animation

Since HTML is one of the most popular programming languages for websites and web based applications, HTML5 animation puts itself in a position with maximum reach. As an animation technology, once integrated with a website HTML5 animation can be observed on just about any modern browser, smartphone, tablet or desktop, bringing with it superior speed and performance


Animation Cost Calculator

Considering utilising video animation in your upcoming marketing strategy? Use our cost calculator and discover instantly how much animation with us is going to cost.

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