Making a connection with Meta

Meta Messaging on Mobile and Event Signage
Meta Google Slides Templates Example
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A holistic approach to marketing campaigns with our responsive design services

  • Design support
  • Google Slides presentations
  • Google Slides templates
  • Animation
  • PDF guides
  • Swag design
Meta PDF Guide Example

Weaving a narrative

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is on a mission to bring the world closer together through the power of digital connection – providing new ways for people to connect and share experiences through its metaverse. In 2022 we joined that mission supplying on-demand design support services to its global teams for its corporate communications and marketing of its platforms.

From telling its story through Google Slides presentations, of which we created templates, to PDF Guides and creating animations for its Conversations event, we align with its in-house teams to help shape their messaging through eye-catching design.