Now hiring a senior developer (full or part time)

Senior web developers of Newcastle and the North East, we'd like to hear from you! This role is part time or full time, and should be as challenging as it is diverse.

Kino are looking to take on a full or part time senior web developer. We’re looking for someone experienced enough to lead a focused and skilled dev team, and make your mark on a dynamic and growing business.

The position is part or full time (negotiable), and will see you working on and overseeing a wide variety of projects from website builds through to VR demos and WebGL customisers. This is not a job where you’re expected to sit on a single project for 12 months.

Specifically we’re looking for someone with some or most of the  following skills:

  • PHP – thorough working knowledge with excellent OOP understanding
  • WordPress – good experience of WordPress theme and plugin development
  • RWD frameworks e.g. Bootstrap and/or Foundation
  • HTML5/CSS3 – excellent working knowledge
  • Javascript/jQuery – be more than comfortable writing jQuery and vanilla Javascript when required
  • MySQL – be comfortable writing SQL queries – it won’t happen often but sometimes can be a life-saver
  • Server admin – be comfortable with command-line, understand the basics of web hosting from a server admin perspective, have a decent knowledge of DNS
  • Salary will be competitive and negotiable based on full or part time position.

If you’re interested please contact or via the contact form.