What is DOS3, and why are we excited to be part of it?

Starting today, we'll be able to supply digital skills through Crown Commercial's Digital Marketplace, and be able to work much more easily with government and public sector organisations. But what is DOS3?

What is DOS3?

Part of the Digital Marketplace, DOS (standing for Digital Outcomes and Specialists) is a framework that enables public sector organisations, agencies and arm’s length bodies to find specialist individuals and teams who can work on digital projects throughout the public sector. Now in its third iteration, we’re happy to announce that we’ve successfully been awarded a place on the framework. But what is DOS3, and why are we happy to be part of it?

What services are available through the Digital Marketplace and DOS3?

When we initially applied to DOS3, we were able to apply to four different services:

  • Digital Outcomes
    Suppliers to digital outcomes will provide the public sector with teams to work on a range of, or specific digital services; from performance analysis to user experience design.
  • Digital Specialists
    Suppliers to digital specialists provide government departments individuals with specific skillsets for work on certain services and/or projects. Specialisms include agile coaching, content design, programme delivery management, web operations engineers and much more.
  • User Research Labs
    Suppliers to user research labs must provide user research labs, spaces to conduct interviews, or facilities for researches to watch and record people as they engage with designs, prototypes and live public sector services.
  • User Research Participants
    Suppliers would be need to recruit participants with a range of experience, diversity, those who are digitally excluded, and those with low literacy or digital skills. They’d also be expected to recruit user research participants from specific target groups, such as victims, witnesses or jurors.

Whilst DOS3 focuses on these key areas, there are other frameworks on Digital Marketplace, such as G-Cloud, which is used by the public sector suppliers offering cloud hosting, software and support services.

So what services will Kino Creative be providing through the Digital Marketplace?

For our DOS3 application, we decided to stay away from the user-research aspect, instead focusing on the Digital Outcomes, and Digital Specialists subsections of the framework. As a result, we were successful in our application for the following digital outcomes:

  • Performance analysis
  • Security
  • Service delivery
  • Software development
  • Support and operations
  • Testing and auditing
  • User experience and design

As for digital specialists, we’ll be offering our specialisms in the following roles:

  • Content designers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Web operations engineers

So what next?

Now that we’ve been successful in our application, and the standstill period has come to an end, we’re expecting to be able to offer our services on the Digital Marketplace from today! (Monday the 1st of October 2018). However, working for the public sector isn’t new to us, check out the work we’ve done for the Biological Research Centre at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation.

Looking for a specialist?

So if you’re looking for a specialist developer, web engineer, or designer, feel free to get in contact and we’re more than happy to help! Or, if you’re still asking yourself “so what is DOS3?” take a look at the Gov Digital Futures video about DOS and the buying process: