5 reasons why you should be using an HTML email template


1 Improve engagement

A fully designed template with images and graphical elements is much more compelling and effective than a simple text email. Where a small underlined text link could easily be overlooked, a call to action with exciting text and a big button is much more likely to result in a clickthrough resulting in a more engagement with your campaign.


2 Professional results

Creating a good looking email is difficult, it takes more than just an eye for design. Email clients like Outlook don’t allow you to create complex layouts, to achieve that you need to be able to code HTML and also understand how that html will render in different email software and different size screens. As the design is hard coded into an template it means that your emails will look great on any device.


3 Brand reinforcement

Generic unbranded emails may do the job of communicating basic information but they won’t help to reinforce your brand in the reader’s mind. A well designed email based on your branding will make an impact and increase the chance of the recipient recalling your business in future.


4 Speed at scale

Why create a whole new email every time you need one when using a template means you can very quickly put together an email by simply choosing relevant content blocks and dropping content into them. The process is so easy that anyone in your company can be creating emails without any input from developers meaning large scale campaigns can be put together much quicker.


5 Tracking interaction

All the major email campaign platforms collect statistics about how your emails perform that help you guage the performance of your marketing. The level of tracking varies by platform but most will tell you the number of emails sent, how many were received, the number opened and how many people clicked a link.


For any business, engagement with customers and clients is an essential component of success. From newsletters and special offers to notifications, even in the social media age, email still plays an imprtant role, especially for strengthening existing relationships. For your content to stand out and get noticed, a basic text email just isn’t going to cut it. HTML emails allow you to craft visually exciting and dynamic messaging, and combined with a good email marketing platform, let you spread the word with ease. Each client has a preferred mailing platform they use, here are our favourites:

We love Campaign Monitor and use it ourselves for it’s solid core features, easy to use intuitive interface and competitive pricing. While other platforms may offer more advanced features, Campaign Monitor just focusses on doing the essentials incredibly well.

Perhaps the best known email platform of all, Mailchimp takes email marketing to the next level offering more advanced campaign management and integrations with other platforms. Theis comes at a cost with steeper learning and pricing curves.

Part of the Salesforce CRM, this is an entirely different beast and it’s DEEP! Pardot facilitates mailing and as part of much more in-depth marketing campaign and customer management, allowing the creation and tracking of the entire user journey. Popular with our larger clients for whom we have created a number of Pardot HTML emails, the platform is undoubtedly powerful but requires a lot of in-depth knowledge to get the best out of it.

We have plenty of experience creating branded, customisable email templates for our clients that enable them to quickly and easily put together an email using predefined building blocks with editable content areas. Email template design is a minefield with even experienced html coders falling foul of the inability of certain email software *cough-Outlook-cough* to understand modern coding standards. This places a lot of restrictions on what is and isn’t possible within an HTML email but using tricks and workarounds we can still create compelling and effective designs.

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