Kino Events Calendar V2

WARNING: This plugin is out of date! Use at your own risk and consider backing up your website first.

Awarded best out of the box WordPress calendar plugin “My favourite out of the box design was the Kino Calendar” by Jim Bowes

The new calendar is here!

At last the new event calendar is here! Apologies to all for the delays, but we’ve constantly had to put this project on the back-burner as paid work has come through.

However, we hope the wait has been worthwhile. There are some major updates to the calendar, and a few things to be aware of before upgrading.

Wordpress Event calendar download

The new calendar only works on WordPress 3.0+. Do not upgrade if you’re on older versions of WordPress.


New installation:
Install the plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin by uploading the ZIP via WordPress or installing from the plugin console. Once installed you will see a new area in the CMS called Events and another called Event Calendar under Settings.

  • Settings> Event Calendar: Change the colours of the events and category colours here. Also change date and time format.
  • Events> Events: Lists all the events you’ve added.
  • Events> Add New: Add new events.
  • Events> Cartegories: Add categories with to organise events under.

If you have an existing Kino Events Calendar plugin then we would suggest you follow these instructions to ensure an easy upgrade:

  1. Deactivate the existing plugin.
  2. Delete the existing kino-event-calendar-plugin, preferably using FTP.
  3. Install the latest plugin via WordPress.

Choose an Event Page

  1. Choose or make a new page on which to list events.
  2. Simple type the shortcode [events] into text editor on your chosen page.


Kino Event Calendar Plugin V2 (WP 3 and above)

Kino Event Calendar plugin V1 (WP 2.9 and below)

Updates and New features

Major updates! This is a complete rewrite of the existing plugin to take advantage of the new WP3 functionality, specifically custom post types. The following are the key updates:

  1. Added option to “Add End Date”.
  2. Added Fully featured TinyMCE Editor to allow links, and wide ranging copy editing.
  3. Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF) on all event pages.
  4. Added option to choose a thumbnail for a post using the Featured Post utility.
  5. Events can now be set to be recurring.
  6. Events can now be set to be “All Day Events”.
  7. Events can be placed into categories and given individual category slug and descriptions.
  8. You can now pick a master colour and rollover colour for events, and individual colours for categorised events.
  9. Events can be given ‘intro text’ using the Excerpt functionality.
  10. Place the main Events page which lists all future events wherever you want in your site using the shortcode [events].
  11. Events now use custom post types and are much easier work with.


The Kino Events Calendar plugin is not officially supported by Kino Creative. By downloading the Kino Events Calendar plugin you agree that you wish to use the selected software and that you will not hold Kino Creative responsible in any way. Download the Kino Events Calendar Plugin means that you have understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

Kino Creative does not take any responsibility and is not liable for any damage caused through use of this plugin, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like). Kino Creative does not take responsibility for the correct workings of software that has been modified in any way or by their use in ways they weren’t designed for. You must also be aware that as with any other software, bugs could be found in the software that you download.  The Kino Events Calendar plugin is distributed on an AS IS basis. By downloading the plugin from Kino Creative, you agree that you have read and understood the product specifications and have assessed that they can be used by you in the way that you require.

Suggestions & Donations

The Kino Events Calendar is a free plugin, but if you find it useful we would appreciate donations! Also please let us know where you are using the plugin, and if you have any suggestions for it going forward.