Kino Events Calendar V2

WARNING: This plugin is out of date! Use at your own risk and consider backing up your website first.

Awarded best out of the box WordPress calendar plugin “My favourite out of the box design was the Kino Calendar” by Jim Bowes

The new calendar is here!

At last the new event calendar is here! Apologies to all for the delays, but we’ve constantly had to put this project on the back-burner as paid work has come through.

However, we hope the wait has been worthwhile. There are some major updates to the calendar, and a few things to be aware of before upgrading.

Wordpress Event calendar download

The new calendar only works on WordPress 3.0+. Do not upgrade if you’re on older versions of WordPress.


New installation:
Install the plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin by uploading the ZIP via WordPress or installing from the plugin console. Once installed you will see a new area in the CMS called Events and another called Event Calendar under Settings.

  • Settings> Event Calendar: Change the colours of the events and category colours here. Also change date and time format.
  • Events> Events: Lists all the events you’ve added.
  • Events> Add New: Add new events.
  • Events> Cartegories: Add categories with to organise events under.

If you have an existing Kino Events Calendar plugin then we would suggest you follow these instructions to ensure an easy upgrade:

  1. Deactivate the existing plugin.
  2. Delete the existing kino-event-calendar-plugin, preferably using FTP.
  3. Install the latest plugin via WordPress.

Choose an Event Page

  1. Choose or make a new page on which to list events.
  2. Simple type the shortcode [events] into text editor on your chosen page.


Kino Event Calendar Plugin V2 (WP 3 and above)

Kino Event Calendar plugin V1 (WP 2.9 and below)

Updates and New features

Major updates! This is a complete rewrite of the existing plugin to take advantage of the new WP3 functionality, specifically custom post types. The following are the key updates:

  1. Added option to “Add End Date”.
  2. Added Fully featured TinyMCE Editor to allow links, and wide ranging copy editing.
  3. Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF) on all event pages.
  4. Added option to choose a thumbnail for a post using the Featured Post utility.
  5. Events can now be set to be recurring.
  6. Events can now be set to be “All Day Events”.
  7. Events can be placed into categories and given individual category slug and descriptions.
  8. You can now pick a master colour and rollover colour for events, and individual colours for categorised events.
  9. Events can be given ‘intro text’ using the Excerpt functionality.
  10. Place the main Events page which lists all future events wherever you want in your site using the shortcode [events].
  11. Events now use custom post types and are much easier work with.


The Kino Events Calendar plugin is not officially supported by Kino Creative. By downloading the Kino Events Calendar plugin you agree that you wish to use the selected software and that you will not hold Kino Creative responsible in any way. Download the Kino Events Calendar Plugin means that you have understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

Kino Creative does not take any responsibility and is not liable for any damage caused through use of this plugin, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like). Kino Creative does not take responsibility for the correct workings of software that has been modified in any way or by their use in ways they weren’t designed for. You must also be aware that as with any other software, bugs could be found in the software that you download.  The Kino Events Calendar plugin is distributed on an AS IS basis. By downloading the plugin from Kino Creative, you agree that you have read and understood the product specifications and have assessed that they can be used by you in the way that you require.

Suggestions & Donations

The Kino Events Calendar is a free plugin, but if you find it useful we would appreciate donations! Also please let us know where you are using the plugin, and if you have any suggestions for it going forward.



Saw your comment on the latest version and suggestion to move to this thread. Well, here is one question I have. Just saw you have a new version of Kino Event Calendar which is awesome! As I translated many elements in the plugin to Dutch I am hesitant about upgrading. Has a feature been added to easily translate all vocabulary to another language using a .pot, .po and .mo file yet? If not, will this every be added as a feature in the future?

27 10 2010 12.24PM

Hi Jasper – hang five on this one and let me get back to you. In the meantime try installing it on a new domain and give it a test if you like?

27 10 2010 12.38PM

Hi Seth,

I just installed the new version of the plugin and I got these error messages:

Warning: include(config.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/chewfly/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 11

Warning: include(config.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/chewfly/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 11

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘config.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/chewfly/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 11

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/chewfly/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php:11) in /home/chewfly/public_html/wp-content/plugins/theme-my-login/includes/class-theme-my-login.php on line 181

As I’m not up to scratch on php I didn’t wanted to go and fiddle with the code myself. Have you come across this problem before or could it be down to plugin conflict??
Thanks for the new version, I’m looking forward to using it.

27 10 2010 03.08PM

Hi Fiona (and Steve), we think we know what the problem is – give us until tomorrow morning and we ought to have it sorted.

The same advice goes out to anyone else installing the plugin and having the same trouble.

27 10 2010 03.24PM

Hello Seth,

Great widget! I did notice something strange… as I added in new events, my older ones disappeared from the calendar. Took me a while to realize that the calendar will only show 6 events at a time (the number I set for blog entries). Is there a way to allow the calendar widget to override this? Ideally the calendar should show all entries.

Thank you!

28 10 2010 08.23PM


I had exactly the same problem as Fiona when I did an automatic update and had to deactivate the plugin which was disappointing as we have been so looking forward to seeing and using the new version. Our site now has no calendar for our events so let’s hope you get the issue resolved quickly. Keep up the good work guys.

29 10 2010 02.28AM

It seems that some people are facing a problem when upgrading from the old plugin. We hope that we can replicate the problem at our end, and if that’s the case we can start fixing it.

@Ronnell – good find. Easyto fix and it will be sorted soon. Thanks for letting us know.

29 10 2010 09.17AM

Hi Seth

Thanks for the upgrade, it seems many new features have been added – can’t wait to get it up and running.

I have just installed the new plugin locally on a fresh install of wp and although I did not get any error messages, everything seemed to have worked fine. When I view the webpage, the calendar does not display. I can see the title I added in the widget area but the actual calendar is not visible.

I have created a page to show all the events on and this seems fine. Any idea’s why the calendar is not showing?


29 10 2010 05.15PM

OK, we’ve fixed a lot of the bugs and there’s a new version up there. I realise it’s not ideal to do things this way, but if you have errors please post them here as well as URLs to your site and possible solutions.

On another note, if this is working properly for then please feel free to donate. I’m running at about £500 so far for costs, and it would be nice to recoup some if you’re using and enjoying the new plugin.

29 10 2010 05.30PM

Hi Seth —

Three things. The issue with missing calendar entries has not been resolved. As I continue to add entries, the older ones start disappearing.

Secondly, do you offer custom services? If we wanted a modified version of your calendar is that something you offer (for payment of course).

Finally, your donate button doesn’t work. When you click on it, it does nothing. I really like your calendar and I’m happy to support it.

29 10 2010 06.04PM

It seem I have installed the lastest revision ( and still experiencing the Warning same as Fiona. I have Canvas installed and running if that matters. Just looking for things to try/test…

Very much looking forward to the updates and new features!!!

31 10 2010 08.01PM

Are you installing fresh or upgrading, is this is a MU setup, and are you installing into the root directory?

01 11 2010 09.29AM

@Ali – have you dragged the correct widget into the sidebar?

01 11 2010 09.30AM

After viewing your demo sites I knew this was the plugin for me. However, I just installed (for the first time)your latest version (V2) and I have a few problems.

I activated the plugin, created an event and placed your widget in my sidebar, but only the title displays.

I tried to use the shortcode [events] for a main events page and got the following error messages:

Warning: include(/var/chroot/home/content/30/6490630/html/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/template.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/30/6490630/html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 24

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/var/chroot/home/content/30/6490630/html/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/template.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php’) in /home/content/30/6490630/html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 24

I am using WP 3.0.1 and php 5 and my site is

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I’m really looking to use your plugin based on your demo sites.


02 11 2010 04.55AM


The first thing to ask is are you installing the plugin into the standard root directory? If not it isnt going to work until we patch it.

The second thing to try is setting up the plugin in a vanilla WP3+ install. If it works in that and not your site then there is a problem with your code, or a plugin conflict of some description that you’ll need to work through.

Letm me know how you get on.

02 11 2010 08.59AM

>Are you installing fresh or upgrading, is this is a MU setup, and are you installing into the root directory?
-clicked the upgrade link on the plug-in page.
-Not an MU site
-installed at: wordpresswp-contentkino-event-calendar-plugin
-WordPress 3.0.1
-PHP Version: PHP 5.x
-Host: GoDaddy
-OS/Hosting Type: Linux/Shared Hosting
[previous version was working fine.]

02 11 2010 06.21PM

OK, try completely removing the plugin:

1) Deaectivate in WP
2) Delete entire kino-event-calendar-plugin folder via FTP
3) Install latest version via WP

Also try it on a vanilla install to see how that works.

02 11 2010 06.59PM

The fresh install works!!! Thanks 🙂

03 11 2010 12.11AM

I have updated the installation instructions as it seems that almost all problems can be solved by removing the existing plugin folder first, then installing the updated version.

If this is working for you the feel free to follow Fiona’s example and drop through a donation!!

03 11 2010 11.23AM
Daniel Veazey

I am unable to find a way to make an event “active” so it shows up on the calendar in the sidebar. I am running WordPress 3.0.1 and Kino Events Calendar I first tried installing the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, and was unable to get any events to be “active” on the calendar. Then I uninstalled the plugin, deleted the folder using an FTP client, and reinstalled the plugin by downloading the .zip file from this site and installing it by uploading it in my WordPress admin panel. I am still unable to find anything that makes an event “active” and all I have on my site is a blank calendar. Am I missing something? The site is

05 11 2010 06.52AM

@ Daniel

I have uplaoded the latest version of the zip again to our server. It is possible that the one that was up there beforehand was slightly out of date as we have been doing some tinkering over the last week.

My advice would be as follows:

1) Deaectivate plugin in WP
2) Delete entire kino-event-calendar-plugin folder via FTP
3) Install latest version via WP or from the new zip on our site.
4) don’t forget to drag the correct widget into the sidebar! It’s not the default WP calendar widget!

That ought to work. Failing that try it on a vanilla WP setup and if it works there then the problems something to do with the way your site’s built, or a conflict with another plugin.

05 11 2010 10.22AM


Yes, we do custom coding. Let me know what you’re after and we can give you a price.

05 11 2010 10.23AM

I’ve installed the plugin which is awesome! But I have one problem: when I click the date for event post, all I get is a 404-page not found error.

I couldn’t find any solution for this, please help! Thank you!
I’m using latest version of wordpress.

14 11 2010 05.01PM

there is a conflict with menus when this plugin is activated, menus don’t appear any more.

14 11 2010 06.12PM

Solution: Add noconflict state for jquery after referencing the .js


14 11 2010 07.52PM

Thanks for the fix. Plugins do often overlap in WP, so it’s not uncommon to have to hack your way through this sort of conflict.

15 11 2010 10.37AM

Ok, I must be missing something. This calendar seems exactly what I’m looking for. But I’m having 1 slight issue.
I added the widget, created the event, go to the front end and go to click on that date to see the detailed information, and it says the page cannot be found. What am I missing?
I’m running WP 3.0.1 and V2 of the calendar. The site I’m working on right now is but I’ve had this issue on another site too.

15 11 2010 07.52AM

Have you added the smartag [events] into a page where you want the events to display?

15 11 2010 10.36AM

I just noticed the demo link was wrong. I had it going to a URL when it ought to have been .com.

The demo is now

16 11 2010 10.46AM

Is there something more that needs to be done to get it working? I noticed a “config” file, do I need to modify this? It isn’t clear how to install it, would be great to have a step by step if more needs to be done.


17 11 2010 05.13AM


Maybe I do need to make the instructions clearer somehow, but there is a step by step guide jsut above under “Installation” which I thought pretty clearly described the process. However, for clarity here you go once again:

New installation:
Install the plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin by uploading the ZIP via WordPress or installing from the plugin console. Once installed you will see a new area in the CMS called Events and another called Event Calendar under Settings.

* Settings> Event Calendar: Change the colours of the events and category colours here. Also change date and time format.
* Events> Events: Lists all the events you’ve added.
* Events> Add New: Add new events.
* Events> Cartegories: Add categories with to organise events under.

If you have an existing Kino Events Calendar plugin then we would suggest you follow these instructions to ensure an easy upgrade:

1. Deactivate the existing plugin.
2. Delete the existing kino-event-calendar-plugin, preferably using FTP.
3. Install the latest plugin via WordPress.

To list events on a page or post simply type the smartcode [events] into text editor on the page you want them to display in.

… I am going to highlight the last sentence as missing that is what is causing people trouble I think.

17 11 2010 10.27AM

Just realized the shortcode [events] does the trick for loading the calendar on a page. My bad. saves me a lot of hacking to create a page template or add functionality to load a Custom Post Type index 🙂

17 11 2010 10.20AM

LOL, you and everyone else is missing that Jasper!

17 11 2010 10.27AM

I’ve done everything as described and event created a page called “Events” and put the [events] in the body of the text and still nothing happens.

I don’t get it…nothing is showing up. Can I send you my login information so you can have a look?

I’ve also tried uninstalling and re-installing 4 times, doing it like you suggest.

Please help…Thanks.

17 11 2010 04.07PM


Have you tried installing the plugin on a vanilla install of WP3? If so try that and let us know if it works or not.

In terms of work on your existing site then we can do that, but we charge for all this sort of work as I’m sure you can understand. Contact me at if you’re interested in taking this further.

17 11 2010 04.13PM

What is a vanilla install? I installed the plugin directly from WordPress, from the plugins tab.

17 11 2010 04.17PM

By vanilla I mean a clean install of WordPress, using the default theme. without anything else installed.

17 11 2010 04.34PM

Your kidding, you want me to uninstall and reinstall my wordpress just to get your plugin working? That seems to be a lot of hassle…

17 11 2010 04.42PM

What would you charge to have a quick look at my admin panel?

17 11 2010 04.42PM

Charles, we know the plugin works on a standard vanilla WP site, so asking for you to do it at your end is a really a way of testing your server to see if there is some undiscovered incompatibility there.

As I mentioned earlier if you want us to look at your site and see if we can get the plugin working then we’d be more than happy to, but email me at as we’ll need to discuss costs and the like, and it would be best to keep that confidential.

17 11 2010 04.48PM

Hello! In case this might help anyone else…

MY PROBLEM: I installed this plugin on WP and found it wasn’t working. The calendar widget nor [event] tag both just produced empty results. After looking around a bit, I realized that all the JS links of this plugin were pointing to 404s.

FIX: I edited this plugin, and changed “” to the absolute value of the directory with the plugin for the parts inserted into wp_head, found in the file kino-events.php. This seemed to fix the situation without having to do a complete wordpress re-install (I was also able to get the plugin working perfectly the first time on a clean local WP install — interesting bug).

Best of luck!

20 11 2010 01.32AM

Need to load location and date on a single event page. Now is only shows on the page where the shortcode was added, not on a single event page. How could I do that?

25 11 2010 12.48PM

Is it possible to add more event meta tags ?

I am trying to do a favour for a friend who sings in a choir, who wants to store other details along with the event, such as dress code, transport, song list…
This looks like a really useful plugin for her

My php is competent, but i’m very new to wordpress

25 11 2010 02.59PM

No worries, I’ve done it.

I added four additional meta values for each event.

Lovely stuff

25 11 2010 09.40PM

I am having the same problem as Dan, getting the following error on the Events page.

Warning: include(/var/chroot/home/content/25/6509425/html/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/template.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/25/6509425/html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 47

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/var/chroot/home/content/25/6509425/html/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/template.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php’) in /home/content/25/6509425/html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 47

I have tried to test to find the problem but no luck. I set the theme back to the WordPress basic theme, deactivated all plugins but this one and still have the same error. I think it might have to do with the site being in a preview state until it goes live. But I still need to test it out before we go live to see if it will work.

Any help is much appreciated.

30 11 2010 02.24AM

Seth, is it possible to direct the events to another template, rather than my single post template? If so, where can I find this in my files?

30 11 2010 10.21PM

Hi Seth,

I have installed the Kino Events Calendar V2 and everything seems to work expect for one thing.

When I create an event it shows up in the widget calender, but when i put my cursor on the event the popup text only says “null” instead of the event description. What could be the problem?

01 12 2010 01.35AM

Why does Kino use its own jQuery UI: jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js instead of WordPress’ built in one ( ? It might cause conflicts like a datepicker conflict it seems to have with Cforms on a site of mine. Other good thing about using WordPress’s one is minimizing a sites’s load..

02 12 2010 07.09PM

Excellent plugin, i’ve had a relatively smooth upgrade from the last version of kino.

Only one question, am i missing something or does the date and time of the event not appear when :
a) clicking on the event through the calendar
b) clicking “read more” on the events page for any particular event.

03 12 2010 09.16PM


Is it possible to show total number of events in single gray bar at any given day in event calendar at left column of WordPress site? I like to do this because I have more than 10 events in single day and by default it shows one gray bar for every event, it means more than 10 bars in single day which makes a bit messy looks. Any solution or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

05 01 2011 09.10AM

is there a possibility to list events on the eventpage in ascending order? I’ve used the [event] tag on but it starts with the last event in the calendar instead of the next event.
Can the [event] tag be set to show ascending instead of descending?
Thanks a lot for a great plugin!


12 01 2011 01.54PM

Hi all – sorry for teh lack of replies lately, I’ve been away on holiday and am nowbusy with work. Come February you’ll start to see more action on the plugin, and maybe even a V3 coming out in a few months time.

Any suggestions that you have are welcome at this stage.

12 01 2011 02.00PM

Hi, just found you plugin, and I think 😉 it’s exactly what I have been looking for for clients. My only question is, could the post also show in the blog? Possible by connecting it to a blog category Events, that could also be used outside of the calendar. The use case is where a site blogs about events theirs and others, and we would want them all to show up for the Events category (blog). It can of course be copied, and that’s what I’m going to do now, but it would remove a step.

Thanks for the plugin & any response, glad to hear your busy with work.. me too 🙂

13 01 2011 08.09PM

Hi, I am testing your plug-in, and it looks good so far, I have one issue. I either (a) don’t want any link to pages, from the calendar, or (b) if there has to be a link, to just link to my main blog. I don’t want to add anymore events pages. I already have summaries of upcoming events on my Blog main page. Thanks.

24 01 2011 08.33PM

Just a feature suggestion. I selected 12 hour time, but when you input the time when posting, you have to select from a 24 hour formatted drop-down menu still. The addition of an AM/PM button would be a little more straight forward when 12 hour clock is selected. Thanks.

24 01 2011 10.06PM

Hi Seth,

I downloaded the plugin and used it on my localhost and it worked perfectly. I then uploaded it to my host test site at

And it is not showing up.. All that I can see is a link Design by Kino Creative, but no calendar.

When I first installed it, it also conflicted with Dynamic Content Gallery and that stopped working, so I changed DCG to use JQuery and then DCG worked again but still not able to get the calendar to show up. Even when I disable to DCG.

Any ideas? I’ve spent ages researching event calendars, and your’s is definitely the one I want to use if I can make it work.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Best Wishes,


28 01 2011 04.38PM

Hello, I can not get swedish characters to show correct with äöå letters on the on mouse over effect when you put the mouse over the calendar? How can I change this, it´s over 3000 rows of code in the JS file to go through, is it something that destroy the utf-8 formatting?
Another developer looked into this but could not solve the issue… 🙁
Else it is a great plugin but this is fatal for me…

Please help!

31 01 2011 04.50PM

@ Rob – Providing different language options is something we get asked about quite a lot. We ought to have been in contact with you about this one via email

Come the release of V3, which we are currently pondering, there will be an easy way to add non-English languages as required.

04 02 2011 09.43AM
john chandler

I’m testing this plugin on a dev site running 3.1 RC3 and it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there a compatability issue with 3.1?

03 02 2011 11.42PM

@ John – Not that we are aware of. The only issue we know of is that if the plugin is not installed into the default directory then it goes wonky, but that is documented and a known issue.

04 02 2011 09.41AM

Do you know if the plug in works with the Headway theme as I can’t seen to get it to?


08 02 2011 02.22PM

Hi Seth, all of a sudden I can’t get an event to enter with the right date, it keeps switching to 1970. Any idea what I can do?

14 02 2011 08.41PM

Hi, would it be possible to make comments optional on the Events custom post type that the plugin creates? Both an enabled/disabled option on the Events Calendar settings screen and the ability to turn off events on a per event basis?

18 02 2011 03.43PM
Howard Hill

We have been using your plug very successfully until today.

Updated it to V2 (by deleting old one and re-ftp’ing as you advise) and now the calendar does not appear. Data is still and I can edit events, its just that the widget doesn’t show.

I am using WP 3.0.5 and Twenty Ten Weaver theme.

18 02 2011 06.30PM

@Howard If you have the plugin installed in the default directory, and it is still not working, then try and install the plugin in a vanilla WP setup. If it works in that environment on your server then you’ll have a theme or plugin conflict with the new version.

21 02 2011 10.14AM

We’re having the same problem as Shari. Randomly, when the event entry page loads the start/end dates are only in the 1970s and can not be modified. It’s even reset the date on existing events when going in to edit that event. Any ideas?

25 02 2011 04.24PM

I’d love to be able to have your plugin in other languages. Is it possible ?

25 02 2011 10.48PM

Hi All,

We’re going to be launching a new site for plugins shortly, as well as a propert support forum. This ought to allow you to help answer your own questions more easily, as we get a lot of repeat questions and answers.

As for languages then we’re going to be looking into that in April, but not before I’m afraid.

28 02 2011 10.22AM
Zeal Murapa

How do I change the color of the event bars running across the calendar?

28 02 2011 06.00PM

I am testing your plugin : I like it.

Is there a possibility to list events on the eventpage in ascending order? (Can the [event] tag be set to show ascending and/or descending?)

I waiting for a french version with sign non-English (éèàç).


01 03 2011 03.09PM

Dear kinocreative,
We’re having the same problem as Shari. Randomly, when the event entry page loads the start/end dates are only in the 1970s and can not be modified. It’s even reset the date on existing events when going in to edit that event. Any ideas?[/quote]

I am experiencing the exact same issue as James and Shira. This is a big deal for me, since I use a cronjob to delete events that are in the past from the database. This makes it impossible to use this plugin for me. Could you please find the time to look into this? It must have something to do with how you update your dbase fields? (NULL==0seconds from 1970-01-01 12:00)

“I suspect your query is setting the date with a null string when the date has no value. Instead try changing the query so that it is not setting the date at all or use NULL.”

If you find the time, please help out. It’s hard to debug stuff you haven’t written your own without an IDE. You’d also help out Shira and James. I’d gladly feature your fix on the forum.

Thanks in advance.

04 03 2011 02.33AM

Great plugin, thank you.

If you are still looking for V3 suggestions I’d like to add a couple:

– full size calendar to be used on a page or in a post via shortcode

– ability to add a legend below the calendar widget (possible check selection of categories to show)

– event order options in admin settings, like next event or last added.

– a priority setting so events can be arranged on the calendar when multiple events overlap on days, like always show Category2 before Category1 by setting a 1-X priority in admin settings or by ordering the list of categories.

This is one of the few plugins that is simple enough for my clients to use yet able to show multiday events in a clear visual calendar.

Thanks again.

04 03 2011 07.34PM

Lovely, thanks for the suggestions. We’ll likely as not be looking to start the next version in a month or so, so we’ll see which fo these can be incorporated.

07 03 2011 10.15AM
Alan Fair

Like Howard Hill I too am getting problems with the widget showing properly in WP3, I used this plug in on a previous site with WP 3.0.3 with twenty ten theme with no problems.

I am now using WP 3.1 and Twenty Ten theme and I did as suggested, a complete fresh install, but no luck.

The only two things it shows for the widget is the title and your credit link

Event Calendar
Design by Kino Creative

17 03 2011 04.34PM

Hi there, is there any way to remove the link below the widget? Maybe a pro version?

21 03 2011 12.18PM

Oops please disregard my previous message! I’m definitely going to donate for this plugin. I also wanted to know if you’re aware of any conflicts with NextGen gallery especially the slideshow? I’m having issues display them both on the sidebar. Thanks!

21 03 2011 12.20PM

Hi Jim,

We’re not aware with any specific issues here, but plugin overlaps are not uncommon in WP. Have you tried running them individually to see if they’re working properly on the site?

In terms of a pro version then no, we’re not planning to release one as we can’t offer the level of support required. And thanks, all dontations are appreciated!

21 03 2011 12.24PM
web design

great plug in.Thanks for sharing

24 03 2011 10.45AM

I upgraded,

and have one small problem ( that existed previous version also )

ON the events page, the read more to expand events is out of alignment, can this be fixed, some people e using my site say its a pain as they need to click the ream more that is below the event they want more info for,.


06 04 2011 11.23AM

Hi Laurence,

That is a CSS issue within your site’s theme, and can be fixed. It’s not calendar related issue though.

06 04 2011 11.40AM

Thanks Seth,

Anyone have any pointers ?

06 04 2011 12.05PM

Any idea how to get This plugin to work with de Role scoper plugin. Other roles can’t add an event now.

06 04 2011 02.58PM

Never mind! Just fixed it. The event was not regornized bij Role Scoper.

Fixed it with

The next line in wp-config.php

define( ‘SCOPER_LATE_INIT’, true );

06 04 2011 04.37PM

Hey guys, do you know how I can change the font the appears to show more info on a calendar event (when you click on an active date)? Now it’s set at Times New Roman and I’m trying to edit the CSS but I don’t know which one to change because there’s no Times font-family there.

11 04 2011 11.23AM

Hi there! Is there anyway to change the font in the box that appears when clicking active dates? I’ve looked at the plugin CSS, but I don’t know which one to change. 😛 Any help would be appreciated.

12 04 2011 12.39PM
Casper Reiff

Hi Seth,

I’ve got a small thing for you to consider in your next update.

change the line in kino-events.php line24 from:
include $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].PLUGIN_PATH.”/template.php”;

include ‘http://’.$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”].”/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/template.php”;

There might be a better way to do this, but this will stop multisite conflicts.

10 11 2011 12.21PM

is there any way to display past events on the event list?

16 02 2012 07.54PM

After installing the latest version of WordPress, 3.5 I had to deactivate Kino Events Calendar Version because it was causing the Add Media button to stop working for all posts. I wonder if there is a fix for this because I did like the Calendar.

15 12 2012 04.50PM

I had a problem with a WP site I inherited where the visual editor stopped working with 3.5 (Firebug reported a TypeError, switcheditor is undefined and another similar issue). I started turning plugins on and off, and when I turned Kino Events off, the errors stopped and the visual editor worked again. I repeated the steps, and had the same problem.

Maybe there is some conflict somewhere in the .js libraries you are using?

WP says I have Kino Calendar version

Any suggestions appreciated!


14 01 2013 07.29PM

We are about to upload a new version of the calendar which ought to work well on the latest version of WP. Rich here has made a lot of changes, so it ought to be more streamlined going forward.

15 05 2013 09.21AM

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