Kino Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress

WARNING: This plugin is out of date! Use at your own risk and consider backing up your website first.

We’re proud to announce that the Kino Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress is now gold and available free for download.

The Kino Events Calendar is a simple yet flexible calendar plugin for WordPress. It works as an upgrade to the standard WordPress calendar plugin.

Once installed the calendar will sit in the sidebar. You can also easily select an Events page which shows all current and future events in a logical order. The calendar requires PHP5 to be running on your server.

The admin area enables you to add, edit and remove events quickly and easily, and changing colours is a breeze. The Kino Events Calendar does not use blog posts to handle events but rather lets you add events manually. This flexibility makes integrating the calendar into client sites much more feasible, and the colour changing options allow for simple branding too.

Click the following link to download the Kino Creative Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress.


Install the plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin. Once installed you’ll see a new tab in the CMS called “Events”, underneath which are two buttons for Settings and Events.

  • Settings – change the colours of the events and select which page you’d like a list of current and future events to be displayed.
  • Events – Add the events to the calendar. It’s self explanatory, but make them active if you want them to show up on your website.

Once you have input all the event information you want then go Appearance>Widgets and move the Kino Events widget into the sidebar. Your event calendar is now live!


  • Change colours of listed eventsΒ  and their mouse over states on the sidebar calendar
  • Add events manually
  • Make events active or inactive without the need to delete them
  • Display event listings on a page of your choice


The Kino Events Calendar plugin is not officially supported by Kino Creative. By downloading the Kino Events Calendar plugin you agree that you wish to use the selected software and that you will not hold Kino Creative responsible in any way. Download the Kino Events Calendar Plugin means that you have understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

Kino Creative does not take any responsibility and is not liable for any damage caused through use of this plugin, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like). Kino Creative does not take responsibility for the correct workings of software that has been modified in any way or by their use in ways they weren’t designed for. You must also be aware that as with any other software, bugs could be found in the software that you download.Β  The Kino Events Calendar plugin is distributed on an AS IS basis. By downloading the plugin from Kino Creative, you agree that you have read and understood the product specifications and have assessed that they can be used by you in the way that you require.

Suggestions & Donations

The Kino Events Calendar is a free plugin, but if you find it useful we would appreciate donations! Also please let us know where you are using the plugin, and if you have any suggestions for it going forward.


Tal Galili

You’ve got a type on the second sentence.

Might I suggest adding a “features” section with what the plugin can do?
For example can it (now or in the future), allow others to add events to it?

Good luck,

08 04 2010 04.11PM

Good plan, and thanks for taking the time to look at our new plugin. I’ll definately get round to adding a feature set shortly.

08 04 2010 04.13PM

it’s good that there’re more people working on improving the calendar options for wp. but still there’s no change for what’s most needed on my side, that’s a calendar that can handle images on the entries for every event. also wp calendar is fine, but it has so many missing features, that i believe the calendar that’ll make a difference for wp will be based on google calendar or some other similar that’ll allow easily map, weekly repetition of events, and a list of events instead of the 30 days square

good luck

08 04 2010 09.58PM

Hi – Is this supposed to work in MU?

I set it up on a clean, but links from sub-blogs in the admin area try to shoot me back to the root’s admin pages instead, etc.

14 04 2010 05.24PM

The “Add Event” button is part of a form with the following Action Page:

This makes it totally unusable in WPMU installs where sites are in subdirectories πŸ™

15 04 2010 03.08PM

Thanks for the feedback. The plugin doesn’t support WordPress MU at the moment but it this is something we may fix in a later version.

16 04 2010 11.31AM

I thought you might want to know that I just installed it, and after activating it, I got the following error in WP 2.9.2:
Warning: include_once(/home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/ke-functions.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 11

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/ke-functions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 11

Warning: include_once(/home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/rss_php.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 12

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/rss_php.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 12

21 04 2010 10.21AM

Hmm, it shouldn’t be doing that! It might be an upload error, have you tried deleting all the files and uploading it again?

21 04 2010 11.50AM

A working example or at least a screenshot of this placed here or over at would be nice.

21 04 2010 04.19PM

We’ve put a demo up here on a vanilla site for you:

There are other sites which use this going live soon too and I will add these to this post further down the line.

Don’t forget to post links of where you’re using it too – we could use them as demos if you’re ok with that.

21 04 2010 04.42PM
Brad Brighton

>> Warning: include_once(/home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/ke-functions.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/holidays/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 11

I’m getting the same errors… there appear to be issues with the code itself:

1) assuming the install is at the root of the website (using DOCUMENT_ROOT)

include_once $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].”/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/ke-functions.php”;
include_once $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].”/wp-content/plugins/kino-events/rss_php.php”;

2) In the same lines of code, looking for kino-events/foo when the directory by default is kino-event-calendar-plugin

Did a development build get uploaded to or something?

FWIW, I downloaded it approx 21:30PDT 21-Apr.

22 04 2010 05.37AM
Brad Brighton

Followup: I think someone “cleaned up code” without realizing the ramifications. :-p

Multiple instances of assuming/hardcoding root paths, as well as the mismatch between the real and expected plugin directory name…

22 04 2010 05.50AM
Brad Brighton

Since there’s no editing, I’ll post one more comment. I see now that you’re equating “not homing the install at the root of the server” to be the same as MU — this really isn’t the case. But perhaps it would make sense to more explicitly note that in your instructions? **No subdirectory installs**?

Now, this is only one of the issues… the other is the name of the plugin directory itself.


22 04 2010 06.00AM

Yup, I messed this up by renaming the plugin folder. Hold off on using the plugin for the time being until I have rectified the issue. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem – it’ll be sorted soon.

22 04 2010 10.15AM

Right, I’ve corrected my earlier error and have reinstalled the plugin on All appears to be in order again so give it another go and let me know if you get it up and running!

22 04 2010 10.47AM
Brad Brighton

Is there supposed to be a different download area? I’m finding large chunks of code seemingly missing in the download I’m pulling from (the link at the top of this page). (As in what I would expect to be a whole chunk of code between the calendar div start and end?)

Thoughts? Am I just way off base here or something?

25 04 2010 02.09AM
Brad Brighton

BTW – if you want/need to contact me directly at the email in my profile in order to more easily sort this, please feel free to do so.

The plugin looks really cool on the demo site; I’d love to be able to actually get it to work locally.


25 04 2010 02.15AM

Nice looking plugin…would love to make it work, but like Brad indicated, the “failed to open stream: No such file or directory” still needs to be fixed on the plugin files downloaded on


26 04 2010 09.40PM

OK, the launch of this has been problematic, largely because plugin was originally called “Kino Events”, but the directory that WP is hosting it in is called “Kino Event Calendar Plugin”. This screwed up a lot of the pathing as the ZIP that you download from the WP plugin database is automatically generated with the name of the directory folder the files are stored in, but we beleive this is now 100% fixed. If not let me know, but a clean install on a few machines indicates that the plugin is now working as planned.

Regarding the RSS/XML feeds, we decided to remove this from the plugin as unless there are specific event based feeds out there then the feature is largely irrelevant. We haven’t been able to find any. It was initially in place on the request of a client, and originally we thought to leave in the feeds, but on reflection we thought it was uneccessary window dressing.

However, if anyone reading knows of any event feeds (and by this I mean feeds which detail not only title and description, but also specify start times, end times, start date, end date etc etc), then let me know and I will consider releasing a seperate plugin with the RSS/XML feed code in place.

27 04 2010 09.19AM

For those who are keeping score at home, here is some info of possible interest:

* if you have your wp install truly at your webserver DOCROOT (not faked by moving the index.php and modifying the .htaccess) the plugin appears to work.

* if you try to use the plugin in a different location, you will get the failed to open stream errors.

I have a personal interest in making this work for non-root installs, so we’ll see what happens over the next few days.

27 04 2010 05.14PM


Awesome plugin only I have a question:

Is it possible to have multiple colours for each event?
Because I can only use one color now for all the events.



04 05 2010 09.20AM

Alas no, only one colour for Events, and a secondary colour for Events when you mouse over them.

Glad you’re liking the plugin!

04 05 2010 09.22AM

Ah, thats a shame πŸ˜‰ Btw is it possible to change the language to Dutch? Bcuz my WordPress installation and my website is in Dutch.

I mainly want to change the dates and days in the widget to dutch. Do you know where I can change that?



06 05 2010 12.16PM

Changing languages ought to be fairly simple.

You can have a go using this basic guide:

06 05 2010 12.23PM

I am in need of this functionality for our event calendar to import content from an external rss. Can you email me directly to discuss…

enabling event information to be bought in dynamically through XML or RSS feeds.


06 05 2010 01.50PM

This plugin looks good. Is it possible to use in a non-root directory yet?


10 05 2010 02.48AM

Hi Katrina, and thanks. The event calendar plugin should be useable in a non-root directory soon, so keep checking back this week as when it’s ready I’ll update the site.

10 05 2010 08.39AM

The plugin looks really amazing and I’m really looking forward to use it outside root directory.

Keep up the good work!

11 05 2010 09.21PM

We’ve just build a website for the Arts Research Digest which uses the events calendar plugin to good effect. Check it out here:

12 05 2010 03.52PM

plugin looks amazing. i can’t use it in a site i’m developing locally because my sandbox for the project isn’t at server root.

can’t wait to integrate it in.

19 05 2010 11.48PM

Hi Floyd – the good news is that we are close to having a new version of the event calendar ready for release. It’s being worked on at the moment and is being tested for bugs on Windows serverds as I type. Keep your eyes on this page for an announcement soon.

20 05 2010 07.54AM

awesome. looking forward to it.

checked out your work for clients. you guys do some solid work as well.

20 05 2010 04.44PM

Any news on the update?

26 05 2010 06.47AM

I tested a late beta of V2 yesterday, and while it needs some minor tweaks I think it’s 90% there.

26 05 2010 08.41AM

We’re all root’ing for you Seth…sorry couldn’t resist.

27 05 2010 08.27PM
Brad Brighton

Justin, that’ll / one down to size. (Speaking of being unable to resist…)

27 05 2010 08.29PM

Good news everyone! After a lot of cross Atlantic chitchat and co-operation there’s an updated kino Event Calendar plugin that now works when installed outside of the default plugin directory.

Brad Brighton of Sentient Food ( very much the man to thank for this as he has tirelessly worked and reworked the plugin to get it into this condition.

To install outside of the standard plugins directory then make sure you’re using version 1.4 or above.

01 06 2010 03.49PM

Also please note that this Kino Event Calendar plugin isn’t built to work in WPMU environments. That’s not to say that it can’t be made to with a bit of tweaking, but out of the box it’s not going to function as planned.

01 06 2010 03.50PM
Joel PΓ‘dua

HI, is there any way to have this plugin in multi language?,

I’ve changed it to portuguese, but when i upgrade it , reseted all my modifications.

Can this plugin have events by category? it would be great πŸ™‚
(and diferent colors too)
thank you! good job


02 06 2010 07.06PM

Hi Joe – at present the plugin is only in English, although a few people have modified it like yourself for different languages. I’d make sure to keep the files where you’ve changed the language backed up as they may well not be changed in this or future updates.

As for different colours for different categories then it’s a nice idea and we’ll see about including that feature further down the line. At present there are no set plans to upgrade the plugin though as it is working as intended, but we may well do an upgrade later down the line.

03 06 2010 09.31AM

I installed Kino Event and got the following message after activation when I tried to go to the events. This was the second time it happened after deletion of the plugin and re-installation via FTP. Via WP installation page, it gets stuck at “unpacking the package”:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_query() in D:Domainsmanipalmagic.comwwwrootwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginadminevents.php on line 405
PHP Warning: include_once(/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/ke-functions.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:Domainsmanipalmagic.comwwwrootwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginkino-events.php on line 49 PHP Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/ke-functions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;C:PHP5pear;C:PHPpear’) in D:Domainsmanipalmagic.comwwwrootwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginkino-events.php on line 49 PHP Warning: include_once(/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/rss_php.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:Domainsmanipalmagic.comwwwrootwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginkino-events.php on line 50 PHP Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/rss_php.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;C:PHP5pear;C:PHPpear’) in D:Domainsmanipalmagic.comwwwrootwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginkino-events.php on line 50 PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_query() in D:Domainsmanipalmagic.comwwwrootwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginadminevents.php on line 405

04 06 2010 10.40AM


It can take time for the ZIP file to unpack, so leave WP to do its thing and I think you’ll be OK. It looks to me like you’re simply missing files, but let me know how you get on.

04 06 2010 11.20AM

Hi Seth and Brad,

Nice plugin, and (Seth?) beautiful work on your featured sites.

I’m using WP 2.9.2, just installed the plugin, and started to load events; I’m afraid I can’t successfully add events, as I get this error:

Incorrect integer value: ” for column ‘feed_id’ at row 1

Any ideas? Thanks for your help …

04 06 2010 11.41PM

Hi Brian,

I’ve just reinstalled the plugin on a 2.9.2 WP site (, and tried to replicate your problem, but adding events is working fine for me there. Things you might try are:

1) Deactivating other plugis to see if there’s a conflict.

2) Completely remove the existing install and try reinstalling it from scracth.

3) Installing the plugin on a seperate vanilla site on the same server to see how it runs.

Sorry I can’t be of more help here. Brad may have some thoughts on this though?

05 06 2010 09.03AM


I have a site that features events from across the globe, sometimes they are weekend events… something they are simply one timers- I am really considering moving to wordpress- but really need a calendar to make thing easier to search for user experience… I would also like to sort them by major city- will that be possible with you calendar…thanks

here’s my site- I have switched it over to WP live yet- but it’s in the works.

hopefully you can help.


05 06 2010 12.38PM
Brad Brighton


The feed_id error seems familiar to me, but in fuzzy memory so I could be mistaken. The thing that it triggers in my head though is to make sure you’ve created the page for the full event listing, it is properly visible, and set it on the events/settings page.

If you have already set this, is there any more to the error message? Typcially there would be a filename and/or a line number as well. You might also be able to get this out of your webserver error_log file (or whatever log is catching the errors on your hosting platform).

If your issue remains unsolved, the extra information would be quite helpful.


05 06 2010 05.10PM


I’ve just tried installing it through the wordpress dashboard,but got the following error messages:
Warning: main(/home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins//ke-functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 49

Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘/home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins//ke-functions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 49

Warning: main(/home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins//rss_php.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 50

Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘/home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins//rss_php.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php on line 50

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php:49) in /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-includes/functions.php on line 790

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/kino-events.php:49) in /home/content/s/a/r/sarawilde/html/test/stclare/wp-includes/functions.php on line 791

I tried manually installing it (and deleting all the old files) and still get the same error. Hopefully you can help me out?

Thanks so much!

05 06 2010 10.53PM

OK Guys,

I’ve set up the results/all-events page and un/reinstalled the plug-in, yet still get the error message “Incorrect Integer value: ‘ ‘ for column ‘feed_id’ at row 1”.

I went into the events.php, unhid the Feed ID form to see if inputting a value would work, but now I get a similar error message for the column ‘event_order’. Leads me to believe it’s a MySQL thing. I’ll revert the file and await any ideas.

Seth, I see it working at toonfood! It’s exactly what I need.

07 06 2010 12.09AM


By the way, if I click on “No events found” in my Event listing, these warnings appear ([] brackets mine):

Warning: array_map() [function.array-map]: Argument #2 should be an array in [..]pluginskino-event-calendar-pluginadminevents.php on line 151

Warning: extract() [function.extract]: First argument should be an array in [..]pluginskino-event-calendar-pluginadminevents.php on line 153

Thanks …

07 06 2010 12.30AM

Very nice plugin.
One thing though that I can’t get right is making links in the text of the events. At first it seems ok, but when saving the dialog box, the link is gone. In Safari the little icons on top to format text are gone too, but this works well in Firefox. The link problem shows up in different installations with WP 2.9.2.
Any idea?

07 06 2010 09.23AM

@ Piro – good spot, let me look into it. For now assume that links within the body of the post aren’t functioning properly.

07 06 2010 09.28AM

For us this link possibility is an important issue. Hope you can find it.

ps: first I mistakenly used your form at the bottom, thinking it was for blog comments but that didn’t work (I think).

07 06 2010 02.17PM

Your plugin is perfect for my client – just need a way to not show a start/end time for some events – maybe just add an N/A to the drop down list? Is this possible?


07 06 2010 03.40PM


We (or indeed yourself if you’re a PH person) can code this in but it’s not an option for the plugin at the moment. I’ve sent you an email if you want to discuss this.

07 06 2010 03.55PM

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the response. I myself am not a programmer – so that’s a bit beyond me, but I have a friend that may be able to make it work. I missed your email – I think it was dumped in my junk folder and got deleted. Shoot me another one, please and I’ll know to look out for it.

Thanks a ton!

08 06 2010 09.10PM

Nice Plug in – is there a way to call it via the template? (rather than dynamically through sidebar / widgets)


09 06 2010 09.46AM

@Will We looked at making the calendar sit in the template instead of the sidebar, but we decided against that approach for this plugin. However, I’m sure it’s possible to do this with some custom coding, so if you’d like to discuss options with us then feel free to get in contact through the site.

09 06 2010 10.13AM

I really would like to use this plugin on a website i’m currently designing, however, as soon as I installed the plug-in and attempted to enter the events tab, I got the following error within the wp-admin page:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ke_getpluginpath() in /Users/munyokimulwa/Sites/Mac/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/ke-location.php on line 77

I did not edit any of the files within the plug-in itself and i’m running the newest version of WordPress. Can you let me know what’s going on?

09 06 2010 12.11PM

Hi, it’s possible translate calendar and setting star day week in monday?


09 06 2010 02.43PM

If you’re asking if it is possible to translate the calendar then yes it is. The majority of files you need to change are in the /tinymce/jscripts folder.

09 06 2010 02.51PM

Hi I am also struggling with the urls in the TinyMCE editor not working. It is really quite important to be able to link to some more information on an event as we can’t post photos etc in the editor. We’ve tried hacking it about but still can’t get it to work. When do you think you’ll be able to look at it? It would really be a great help πŸ™‚

10 06 2010 02.06PM


I’m not sure why this error decided to raise itself now as opposed to the development of the recent changes, but I know what it is. I should have it fixed fairly quickly.

Not specifically to fixing the issue but more to understanding how it got through testing, would you be kind enough to share OS version, PHP version, etc.? If you don’t want to do it publicly, let us know and I’ll drop you a direct line.



10 06 2010 07.19PM

Hi Brad,

Still trying … un/reinstalled again, but adding events just won’t happen for me in WP 2.9.2 whether I’m on my Mac (10.6.3) or Windows XP Pro, or whether in Safari, Firefox or (gasp) IE 8.

Is there a way to add events without going through the GUI? phpMyAdmin or straight to the sql file (wherever that may be?)


10 06 2010 07.39PM


Unfortunately, all I did was insert some pathing shim code, so I don’t know that much about the db work. One thing in general that has come up recently is that some errors cascade in odd ways (either the errors are misleading, or accurate, but because of a different error that goes unreported), particularly based on the version of PHP: are you running PHP5 and if so, which version? If not, PHP5 is required.


10 06 2010 07.43PM

I need to display my event times in 12-hour format (6:30 pm). I was able to get the sidebar widget to do it by tweaking the ke-front-end.php code.

But I can’t seem to find the code that controls the time format on the “all events“ or individual event page. I thought, perhaps, the ke-category.php code was it, so I tweaked it, too. But it didn’t change anything.

I don’t read/write PHP, so I’m probably staring right at it without even realizing it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

13 06 2010 11.51PM

Whoops! I got that backwards. The actual event detail and all events pages are working the way I want but I can’t get the calendar pop-ups (on the sidebar widget) to display the date correctly. I want it to display the date as June 12th 2010 (instead of 12th June 2010) and the time as 5:00 pm (instead of 5.00pm).

Where do I find this code?

14 06 2010 01.08AM

Hi! Kudos to an awesome job in creating this plugin. I just have a couple of questions, though. Why is it that when I edit the event and go to ‘Edit HTML Source’, when I type in a code (for example adding an image to the event details) it doesn’t update with my added code. It’s as if I didn’t type anything. Are we allowed to add images to the event details?

And another thing, I noticed that even if today is June 14, I still see the event posted on June 13. Is there a way to automatically delete that when the current date is past the event date?

Looking forward to you reply. Thanks! πŸ™‚

14 06 2010 01.21AM

@Josh – thanks, and it’ll be getting an upgrade soon. However, there is now way to remove old entries automatically. When we built this we wanted to have old entries stick to show an ‘audit trail’ if you like!

However, we’re hopefully going to be updating the site soon to enable the following new features that people have been asking for:

1) Enable linking from within the text field. Currently all code is being cleaned before publishing, so we are aware that this needs improving.

2) Switching between 24 hour and ‘normal AM/PM’ time.

That will likely be the last ‘free’ update for the calendar for a while though, but if additional features are needed on top of the out-of-the-box functionality then we can almost certainly build them in if you have a budget.

14 06 2010 03.40PM


Sorry, I haven’t checked the comments section here in a few days, so haven’t replied. Still having trouble adding events; each time getting “Incorrect integer value: [null] for column ‘feed_Id’ at row 1.”

* We’re running WP 2.9.2 with PHP 5.3.1 over IIS 7
* I’ve deactivated the only other plug-in I’m using (Twitter Widget Pro), so it can’t be a plug-in conflict (can it?)
* After deleting/reinstalling KE a few times, it’s odd that each time the newly reinstalled plugin remembers my Event Page and color settings. Is that something built into the code, or is it not deleting completely?
* Since there are no successfully added events yet, the Event listing echos “No Events Found.” If I click on “No Events Found”, I get the following warnings:

Warning: array_map() [function.array-map]: Argument #2 should be an array in E:inetpubWSSymphonydev.wssymphony.orgwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginadminevents.php on line 151

Warning: extract() [function.extract]: First argument should be an array in E:inetpubWSSymphonydev.wssymphony.orgwp-contentpluginskino-event-calendar-pluginadminevents.php on line 153

Email me if you wish. Thanks, guys.

15 06 2010 07.39PM

I need some hints for localization. I have successfully changed month and day name on calendar, but on event page and hoovering calendar with mouse still remain in english.

I think there’re some problems with PHP date() function.
Can someone point me to the right file to edit?

23 06 2010 12.10AM


Looking forward to the 12-hour option in the next version. Any chance you could throw in a date formatting option, as well?

New question: Why does the calendar show 6 weeks, instead of the usual 5? Can you offer any pointers on where to look (in the code) to tweak this?


23 06 2010 01.59AM

I really like the plugin, but im having a issue with display of the date. The site i use it on is dutch, and i would like if the date displays in dutch aswell. Is there a simple way i can make this happen?

23 06 2010 09.40AM


Yes, you can edit the language – just look in the TinyMCE folder and edit the PHP accordingly.

23 06 2010 09.44AM

Tinymce editing doesn’t solve the problem with english language in event page and with information obtained hoovering with mouse on events displayed in calendar…

23 06 2010 12.12PM

The header of the sidebar widget is not displaying in the theme style, how can i fix this ?

25 06 2010 11.16AM

thanks for your reply Seth

“Yes, you can edit the language – just look in the TinyMCE folder and edit the PHP accordingly.”

would be nice to know what im looking for in the long list of coding and how to or with what to change it please?

25 06 2010 11.19AM

@ Noordam

You’ll need to be able to edit PHP in order to make changes to the language. If you run a search for the names of days (such as Tuesday) then you should be able to change the language according to your prefernces.

In terms of the header then that is a CSS styling issue/conflict that you’ll need to amend at your end.

25 06 2010 01.55PM
Christopher Wright

Hey guys! Great plugin. Quick question. I am having a resizing issue. I am using the calendar in a sidebar, when the page loads, the calendar is ‘elongated’. The table cells are vertically stretched. When I resize the browser it goes away. Weird bug.

Take a look:
Here’s a screen shot:

Any thoughts?

25 06 2010 09.00PM


Weird indeed. I have not looked closely at the code, but that is one of the weirdest bugs I have seen in 15 years on the job! If my colleague Simon has time on Monday he’ll take a look and give you his suggestions.

25 06 2010 09.07PM


You’re seeing the same thing I described in my last post. It looks funny partly because it’s showing 6 weeks instead of the usual 5. It gets worse when you actually have events on the calendar, especially when there’s multiple events on the same day.

Mine is positioned in a wide right sidebar, here:

The plug-in, itself, is really nice. It does exactly what I want it to do. With a few cosmetic tweaks, it’d be perfect!

26 06 2010 02.06AM


I see what you mean. I don’t mind the 6 weeks. Your ‘cells’ stretch because there are multiple entries on 1 date. I have NO entries and it stretches out of wack. WEIRD.

26 06 2010 05.20AM

The issue Chris is having is a bug of some sort that I have never seen before anywhere, and I don’t just mean in relation to the calendar.

Shebear – your cells are stretching down because you have multiple events on the same days so the events stack up vertically. If we designed it to have so many ‘mini-events’ we may have approached things differently as I can see why you’d rather not have so much vertical space taken up. Unfortunately we’re not plannning to adapt the calendar to accomodate your packed schedule πŸ™

26 06 2010 09.22AM

First of all – great plug in! It`s very “flexible” and usefull!

However, I have a small problem…I can`t get it to work with utf8 charset πŸ™ I`m not getting Ε‘, Δ‡, ΕΎ… chars, even I have set the database to use utf8 charset…

Any solutions?

28 06 2010 10.44AM


It’s a known issue we’ve got with event text being ‘cleaned’ as it is published. We’ve booked in 5th July to have a look at this and other issues that people have noted, so keep checking back and we’ll announce an updated plugin that ought to fix ytour problem shortly.

28 06 2010 10.53AM
Marcelo Araujo

hi. first, i have to congrats you to this great plugin. i have the same quation for will: “there a way to call it via the template? (rather than dynamically through sidebar / widgets)” what is the php code to insert the widget manually?

02 07 2010 07.42PM

Just to let you all know, we’ve had to put the update back to the 12th July due to other (AKA piad) work that’s coming in.

@Marcelo Araujo – we’ll be looking at making it possible to include the calendar in the body of a post then too.

02 07 2010 08.26PM

From everything I’ve seen, this looks to be a great plug in. However, I can’t get it to work on my site. I have downloaded it and I can add events, but there is nothing in my widgets area to add to the sidebar. Suggestions on how to remedy this?

04 07 2010 02.42AM

We’ve tested it in wordpress 3.0 and the event plugin does work for us. That said it may be one of numerous complications that’s effecting installation on your site, so I would try installign it on a vanilla WP 3.0 installation and seeing what happens then. If the event plugin installs correctly then it may be that you’re having plugin comflicts.

04 07 2010 12.26PM

Hi Seth,
Thanks for the quick response. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

04 07 2010 12.43PM

Can someone help me with the “read more” links that appear? The information on the description is too long so it gets cut off, but if I click “read more” it just lands me directly back on the page I’m on. It doesn’t really seem to do anything. What am I missing?

04 07 2010 07.15PM


I can’t see an example on your site to see what you’re referring to I’m afraid.

04 07 2010 08.44PM


Great plugin from what I can see from this page and others. I’m having difficulity installing it. I have no other plugins on my site and have not modified the code for the calendar, just tried a clean install.

When I click ‘Events’ I get this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_query() in public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/admin/events.php on line 405

Any advice?

04 07 2010 11.03PM

Hi Seth. I hadn’t published the calendar yet as this is still a work in progress site. I just published it so you could see it, and I checked it before I posted back to you and all is working fine. It must have just been because the calendar page was a “draft”. All is well now. Thanks.

04 07 2010 11.56PM


Sorry, that’s not an error I know how to resolve. However, it’s always useful to post details of your site and the server setup in these instances.

05 07 2010 09.32AM


Sorry, I forgot to post these details earlier. I am running PHP version 5.2.12, WordPress 3.0.

Would it be possible to email you details of my site privately?

Thank you for your help.

05 07 2010 10.41AM

This plugin is amazing. I’m not sure how much digging around I’d have to do to change the date format to M/D/Y and the time to 12-hour time, but I would definitely like to add that to the request list!

I did some fiddling and broke something. So I just decided to reinstall and be patient. πŸ™‚

11 07 2010 11.30PM

I actually fixed it thanks to

Great plugin, again guys.

14 07 2010 09.42AM

Would this work if I installed it on a temporary url?

I have been trying to get it working although it seems like it installs ok when trying to add an event I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_query()

Would just like to know if it’s because of the temp url?


14 07 2010 02.51PM

This plugin has a problem with IE 8. It doesnt load the calendar at all (loads if i turn on compatibility mode). Throws errors in IE6 & 7.Works fine in all other browsers

21 07 2010 04.35PM

Well Steve we’ve never had problems with it in those browsers, and it ha been tested, so I’d consider looking closely at how you’re code is written to see if there are problems there instead.

If you look at you’ll see the calendar in the sidebar. Just this second I checked it in IE8 and it’s working fine. Have a look at that and let me know what you see.

22 07 2010 09.17AM
Marcelo Araujo

hi Seth, im using your plugin. but i need to enable the ‘events’ menu enable for editor of site. im a admin. i install the ‘members’ plugin, by justin tadlock, that have a permission content roles, by users. but it doesnt show nothing to kino events. how i can enable this great plugin to editors? can be a suggest for next updates…

22 07 2010 07.33PM

Been using your plugin for a while now and it has been very useful to me, however after upgrading to WordPress 3 things haven’t been the same.

For some reason when you go to the events page it lists all the events above the page (above the main banner – and not inside the post/page)
First I thought it was some conflict with the theme but it does the same on all themes.

Even tried downgrading wordpress back to 2.9 but it still does the same.

Kind regards

23 07 2010 12.31PM

Send me some links so we can see what you mean please. However is a vanilla WP3 site and it’s not having any problems so I suspect it’s something local to your setup?

23 07 2010 12.45PM

Thanks for the quick reply Seth!
here’s the link:

Is there shortcode that I could put on the page instead of selecting which page to use from the settings? (wondering if it would help)

23 07 2010 12.56PM

Hi Seth, I’ve reinstalled the plugin on a local server with wordpress 3 and it is working perfectly now! πŸ™‚

I suspect some files must have gotten corrupt during the upgrade on the server.
Thank you for your time!


23 07 2010 04.20PM

Good news then Phil. A lot of problems like this are down to variations in website coding, hence us showing the plugin to work in a vanilla install of WP.

23 07 2010 06.29PM

Hi there. I have the same issue as Phil where the events page lists all the events above the page (not putting into the content area of events page). I am using WordPress 2.8.4.

Any assistance on how to fix this would be much appreciated. I really love the simplicity of this calendar and want to use it but if there is no fix for this, I will have to switch to another calendar plugin.

Many thanks…

28 07 2010 06.16AM

@ Steph – I’d be inclined to follow Phil’s advice here as the plugin works fine on vanilla WP3 installations. If Phil is still lurking then he may be able to give you some suggestions on this problem.

28 07 2010 09.12AM

Hi Steph,
The only thing that worked for me was to re-install wordpress, my theme & all my backed up posts from the WP database. (doing it in a new folder until its fixed, then moving it back to the main site)

Then all I did was export the Kino Events database and re-import it into the new installation.

Unfortunately its not a very nice workaround but its all I could think of that might work.

I thought something must have gone wrong on the server, but if you have the same problem then it must be something else that caused it..

What happened before yours broke?
or has it been displaying the events like that from the beginning?

Kind Regards

28 07 2010 12.41PM

Phil and Seth.

It has worked like this since the beginning. I will go ahead and upgrade to W3 and reinstall the plugin.

I will give you an update once I toy around with this.

Thanks for the suggestions…I will give it a go.

29 07 2010 12.41AM

Hi Seth. How are you, I would like to ask regarding your event calendar. I would like not to display the TIME in the front page of the calendar. When you Hover it, i don’t want to put the time in their. Please give me advice where to edit it in the PHP file. Coz i cannot find it. thanks


31 07 2010 09.36AM
Jamie Martinez

I have an issue that when I add the widget to the site it shows 2 calendars on top of one another. Any help?

02 08 2010 02.04AM

@Jamie Can you install the plugin on a clean WP setup and let me know if you’re still having trouble? I suspect there’s an issue with the way you’ve coded your site here, and not hte plugin.

02 08 2010 07.43AM
Jamie Martinez

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I just installed a brand new test database and a fresh install of WP 3.0.1 and the same issue occurred. I tried a few different themes to make sure it wasn’t that and sure enough it is still happening. Any ideas?

02 08 2010 11.54AM

Can I get a URL please?

02 08 2010 12.00PM
Jamie Martinez

If it helps IE gave me this error:

“Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0C)
Timestamp: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 01:04:45 UTC

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
Line: 96
Char: 4
Code: 0

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
Line: 1144
Char: 3
Code: 0

03 08 2010 02.07AM

Hi Guys

I have just installed the plugin on wp. 3.0 but when I tried to activate it, I got this error:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/sites/site_url/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/rss_php.php on line 17

Anybody came across this before or know how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance

03 08 2010 01.49PM

Hi , Thank you for this plug in it’s exactly what we were looking for. A slight suggestion or more a request for the next update would be that we be given a repeat option for events , so that public holidays / national days can self repeat on a yearly basis. Would make this the perfect events calendar and even easier to use. time saving and perfect. Thanks again and i look forward to seeing that in the updates … if possible.

10 08 2010 12.52PM
Carlos Lopez

If possible can the next update have the ability to have the events section point to categories too.

12 08 2010 04.25PM
Jim Olson

Terrific plugin. I’m going to hack around in your code to change the time output to dsplay in something other than military time.

Quick note: There is a conflict between this plugin and any use of the superfish navigation or jQuery slider (which includes most themes by Woo or Elegant Themes)… if there’s an easy fix for either of these, feel free to comment!

13 08 2010 07.27PM


First of all hold on from hacking about. We’re about to release V2 of the event plugin which comes with time options.

Secondly what conflicts with Superfish? Can you be more specific please?

13 08 2010 07.37PM

Hi guys

I have a few questions if anyone could help would appreciate it.

-Is it possible to have different colours for different events?
– Can we display all past events on a page?
– Is it possible to link an event to an article in the website?

Many thanks

16 08 2010 01.16PM

My website has many events on the same day, which causes the event color blocks to stack up vertically in the widget. More than three events on the same day causes the calendar to expand too much- see my linked screen capture. I don’t suppose there’s any way to fix this?

When is the ETA for v2 of the plug-in? It’s a great start, and I’m excited to see your improvements. Thank you.

17 08 2010 12.17AM


Morning Braaaad. I’ve been aware of that issues for a little while now. Unfortunately it’s not part of the V2 plan to revamp this as we’ve only seen a very few calendars with multiple events in one day like yours.

I do appreciate that it’s something we should look at though, and further down the line it’ll be on the list.

17 08 2010 09.15AM
Kim Wesley

I have been having difficulty using your plugin in WordPress 3.0. When I upgraded to WordPress 3.0, the Events Calendar in the sidebar disappeared. I tried moving it to a different location in the order and the title “Events Calendar” and the link to your site appears inside one of the other sidebar boxes instead of on it’s own. The site I am currently trying to manipulate is


17 08 2010 05.16PM
Kim Wesley

Never mind. It appears to be working fine now.

17 08 2010 05.18PM
Tracy B.

I’m having the same error message as Ali, specifically:

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or β€˜}’ in /home/sites/site_url/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kino-event-calendar-plugin/rss_php.php on line 17”

Would love to try out the plugin (to replace another, less helpful one) so please let me know I could do to fix this. πŸ™‚

18 08 2010 01.00AM
Kim Wesley

Okay, it’s not working after all. The Events Calendar and Search end up in the same sidebar box. Please take a look.


18 08 2010 01.12AM

As seen in previous comments, please make a guide on how to make the events link to a post. I myself also cannot make it working. The setting only specify the page in which we want it to link to, but it links to the page, not the specific post, so it shows all the past events as well. I want it to point just to one event.
Can you give a suggestion about this?

18 08 2010 02.30AM

@ Aldrian We are releasing a new version soon with linking enabled from within posts if that is what you mean?

@Kim My advice is always try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin completely and see if that works. Also try deactivating other plugins. You should also try it on a vanilla install of WordPress. If it works there (as we know it does) then you know the problem is with the coding of your own site.

@Tracy B I’m not sure on this. Have you been through the steps I have suggested to Kim?

18 08 2010 10.25AM

Does each event need to have a unique name? I have two events that appear on two different days at two different locations, yet when I click the links both of them take me to the same event (the one that appears first on the calendar)

Is there a fix for this? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance


18 08 2010 10.38AM

@Ali try renaming one and let me know – I am not sure myself.

18 08 2010 10.39AM


Yes, renaming one event does the trick.

Any quick fix for this?

18 08 2010 10.53AM

I mean like, by clicking the event in the calendar, it will link us to anywhere we want to. I want to configure that link.

18 08 2010 12.54PM

@ Aldrian

Ah ha, well it’s something to consider for V3 further down the line, but it’s not on the cards for now. We will be adding the option to put links into individual events very soon though.

However, if it’s something you need then we can code it in but we’ll need to charge. Let me know if that’s something you’d like a quote for.

18 08 2010 01.00PM


I have set up the events calendar and it is working just as I want it to but it has knocked out my fotoslide plugin slideshows.

Any suggestions anyone? If possible, please don’t be to technical with your reply as I am very new to all of this!


19 08 2010 04.57AM


Sorry to say that you’ve comne across a plugin conflict. This happens a faitr bit in WP, and you basically either hack the code until they both work, or choose which plugin is the most important to you and find a replacement for the other.

19 08 2010 08.40AM

Hi Seth, I am also wondering if it is possible for Authors to add events to the calender. If it is not possible to edit the settings of your calendar, is there a plugin you could recommend?
Many thanks

19 08 2010 12.08PM

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the great plugin. I am using it with WP3. I have a couple of questions. When I log into the site as an editor the link to the events plugin isn’t available. Is there a way that I can make the event creation page available to editors?

The other question is about the widget part of the plugin. I have the widget in the right hand sidebar. When I have my web browser stretch to the full width of the screen, the hover text boxes changes to having one word per line. That in itself isn’t too bad, but some of the events in the calendar have unavoidably long names and the colouring of the text box background abruptly changes back to white. Is there a way to either force the hover text box to have more than one word per line or to extend the background colour?

Any help is appreciated.


19 08 2010 12.34PM

@Tasha Can you drop a link to your site please?

Also I’ll update you about enabling non-admins to add events soon as if it happens it’ll bein V2 of the plugin which is being developed right now.

19 08 2010 12.38PM

Hi Guys

Sorry to bother you yet again!

Just wanted to ask if there was a quick fix for adding links in the event description?

I really need this feature, have tried to come up with something myself but have had no success.

Thanks in advance

21 08 2010 07.27AM

Hi Ali. Currently that’s not a feature if the plugin, and it’s not something that’ll be out in V2 either I’m afraid. If you need it in and want us to code it then we can do so, but it’ll be work we charge for. Contact me if you are interested in this option:

21 08 2010 10.36AM


Thanks for your help. I did indeed have a plugin conflict but quickly decided to stay with Kino and have found an alternative for my slideshows.

In Kino, is there anyway I can add a small image to draw attention to a particular event?


22 08 2010 03.31PM
Tracy B.

Hi Seth:
“@Tracy B I’m not sure on this. Have you been through the steps I have suggested to Kim?”

I have now. With all plugins disabled and the Default theme chosen, I still get that error message. I tried upgrading to 3.01 just for the hell of it – to try and erase whatever it is I might have changed that causes a conflict – but that didn’t help. I tried it on a vanilla install and yes, it worked, but what does that really tell me? Where do I start looking for the conflict?

23 08 2010 02.09AM

Very good job, what is missing is to keep month from which you come, for ex., I go to the page of events in april but the calendar shows me the curent months – august. You have to have posibility to set months.

24 08 2010 01.47AM

I have looked…but how do you add an event to a single page? Per your plug-in description “Display event listings on a page of your choice”. We have used the plug-in for a few months but now need additional flexibility. Also, when initially setup the plug-in generated it’s own page appropriately labeled “Event Calendar” but this was in conjunction with the sidebar widget.

24 08 2010 01.55AM
Tracy B.

(I just re-read my comment/request for help below and dang, it sounded snotty. :-/ Didn’t mean it to be. I really do appreciate the help you so generously give, Mr. Seth. πŸ™‚ )

24 08 2010 06.04AM

@Tracy B No worries Tracy, it happens all too easily online! As for your site then I’m not sure what’s up, but it is likely something to do with how your site is coded. If the plugin works in a WP vanilla setup then logically problem must lie with how your site has been put together, or at least there’s a problem with your site and the event plugin.

There’s not a lot I can do to help with this one from here I am afraid. You may need a PHP person to take a look under the hood.

24 08 2010 09.23AM

@Harry Not at present no. As ever there’s a massive list of things we need to look at for V2 which is probably 40% finished right now.

24 08 2010 09.23AM

@Ali Regarding links in the description then no, it’s not part of the plugin as it stands. For anything that isn’t default functionality then you can either contact us and we’ll figure out a cost for putting it in, or you can hack the PHP and make it work as you intend.

@Bizimi Cheers, that’s a good idea!

24 08 2010 09.24AM

@Byron You can select the page the events show up on in Settings. There’s a drop down box there which displays all the pages in your site – select which page you want the calendar events to appear under.

24 08 2010 09.39AM

Hi Guys

A quick suggetion for the next version – could it be possible to have some sort of pagination on the events page? At the moment if you have a lot of events the page is extremely long!

Also, is it possible to display the past events on a different page in future?

Many thanks

25 08 2010 07.11AM

@Seth thanks for the reply.

27 08 2010 01.55AM

Hi again

I have the Kino widget in my page sidebar and the calendar works very well. However when I click on “see all events” any text I already have on a page which has a sidebar disappears when the event list displays. This would be ok if there was an “unsee all events” to reverse this action.

I am not sure if this is a feature of Kino or not but it is causing me a problem as I can now only use one page with a sidebar to avoid this “disappearing act” happening on every page.

Can you advise please. Thanks in advance.


27 08 2010 09.15AM


I write in portuguese, so my events get “funny” when shown @ the calendar… i guess the problem is the charset. How can i fix this?

30 08 2010 04.52PM

Hey there,

Thanks for a great plugin! I was wondering if you noticed that any user role other than an Administrator role is not able to edit the events? Do you think that this is something that would be implemented in the next version of this plugin? I think it would be great if you could assign an Editor or Author to be able to add/delete/edit events.


30 08 2010 11.00PM

Hello Seth. I really like your calendar and I am currently redeveloping my conservation website to include it. I am relatively new to WordPress (embarrasing to admit but I’m a MS FP gal!) and having a few problems with the calendar.

I installed it no worries (easy thanx!), put in 4 events and then added it to the sidebar, with events showing on the “events” page. However, once I loaded it, I realised I had one of the dates wrong. I went into the event edit and changed it no worries there, but the sidebar calendar will not update to reflect the new date (and you can see it has updated in the events page). I ended up deleting the event completely and it still wont go. I re-entered it as new date and then entered a new event completely, but the sidebar will not update or change. I have removed the widget from the sidebar, changed it over to the left and then back to the right, but it will not update (though events list will). Please help me!! I have spent 2 days struggled with sidebar event calendars and I’m so very close!!

Cheers, Sharon.

10 09 2010 01.05PM

Hi Seth – cancel that! I just added a new page and it magically updated. My mistake! I love it. Thank you…

10 09 2010 01.46PM

@ Sharon – congrats!

@ Emeri – maybe in V2

@Joel – There’s an update being written right now that adds foreign language support through a languages file. That ought to help you out.

V2 is being started on Monday so we are hopefully going to roll it out towards the end of next week.

10 09 2010 02.00PM

Hi Seth

Sorry to be a pain but can I draw your attention to my comment of 27 August! I would appreciate you help.



12 09 2010 04.52AM

Hi Harry – can you drop us the URL of the site? I can’t promise to help but I’d like to see what’s going on.

13 09 2010 09.42AM


I’ve just been looking over the updated plugin and it is a seriously improvement. We’re going to be testing it this afternoon, so all being well there’ll be a major upgrade to V2 by the end of today or early next week at the latest.

17 09 2010 12.12PM

We’ll keep thumbs up while being curious πŸ˜‰
Thanks for updating this useful plugin.

17 09 2010 01.09PM

Hi Seth

I know you are busy with the update but I am hoping you will still have time to have a look at the calendar in action on my website as per my email last week.

In the meantime I am looking forward to seeing the update.


18 09 2010 12.24PM

strongly waiting for the new version πŸ™‚

20 09 2010 11.53AM

any news? i am waiting to lauch my company’s website!! or else if you can help me to put western european chars displying on the calendar it would be great!

Thank you

24 09 2010 02.56PM

Has anyone experienced any problems with this plugin on the latest version of wordpress?

05 10 2010 04.08PM

just to western european chars.

Can you help me with that?

thank you

20 10 2010 10.38AM

Hi, love the calendar, it fulfills our needs well.

We have had some difficulties in placing links into the events though and they don’t seem to work even though hyperlinked and showing before submitting.

Also was wondering if there is a way we could link the events to catergories and / or featured posts as this would be really helpful. The only other suggestion to make this plugin the ultimate calendar would be to allow for a recurrence feature that lets events re-occur on a daily , weekly or yearly basis.

I know its a lot but if these changes make it into the next update I think this would be the definitive event calendar for wordpress and would be happy to make a donation. Cheers , Steve, EAI Shop

21 10 2010 05.23PM

I saw you updated the plugin to . Thanks a lot for all the hard work! Is there a post or WordPress log file somewhere where we can see what changes have taken place? I truly hope it has been extended with multilingual support using Gettext files. I translated quite a bit of text in several PHP en JScript files and won’t upgrade unless there is a great way to translate the English into Dutch and or other languages. Also see my WordPress Forum Post on this.

Thanks again for all the hard work!!



27 10 2010 11.15AM


We have released a major plugin update for WordPress 3.0. I’d suggest that everyone moves to the new thread for questions and further information.

27 10 2010 12.15PM

is there code I can paste into a sidebar if I am not using widgets?

29 10 2010 03.58AM

I’m locking this post now to new comments. Please move to for questions and further information.

29 10 2010 09.19AM

Let's start a project