Kino Add HTML plugin for WordPress

WARNING: This plugin is out of date! Use at your own risk and consider backing up your website first.

I’m happy to announce that the Kino Add HTML plugin is now ready for release.

Written by Pawel Cich, the Kino Add HTML enables you to easily add HTML code through the visual text editor in WordPress. Once installed a button will show up in the text editor – click this, paste in the HTML and it’ll be inserted cleanly into you page or post.

This plugin is designed for users who are not coders and want to easily add HTML (such as Paypal HTML) to their sites without using the HTML Edit window.

You can download the Kino Add HTML here.


Charles Potel

Hello, after activating the plugin, when you enter the page to add a post appears below the following error message:

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘Kino_Embed_Obj::add_quicktags’ was given in D:wampwwwsitewp-includesplugin.php on line 339.

I hope to get a help!

23 05 2010 12.12PM

Hi Charles – can you let me know what version of WP you’re using? In the meantime we’ll look at plugin and see what we can do.

24 05 2010 09.20AM

I am having the same issue with ver 3 of wordpress. Is there any chance to get a solution quickly. Your help would be very appreciated.

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘Kino_Embed_Obj::add_quicktags’ was given in /home/mysite/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 395

Kind regards,

22 06 2010 06.04PM

Hello there,

Just checking back to see if there has been any progress on this? I appreciate your help and time.

Kind regards,

30 06 2010 02.33AM

The WP repository is a nightmare, but I have tried to update the plugin to version 1.1, so if you are seeing that then install it via WP.

If not then here’s the updated ZIP file for you to download from us for the time being. WordPress really ought reduce the complexity of making even minor updates to plugins…

30 06 2010 12.24PM

Hello there,

Thanks for the reply and the zip file. After installation ( having never used this before ) I assumed it would be on the html editor side of the page and post pages. However, it is on the VISUAL side only. Is this correct? Also just a small fix to the popup insert code box. This is what it says at the top:

Add HTML sourde code

Just want to make sure it is working as intended ( again having never used it before ) a screenshot on your site would alleviate this question. I should check out the repository and see if there are any screenshots there, so if there are I am sorry to suggest this here.

Just want to make sure the plugin add html+ is where it is intended to be on the visual editor and not on the html editor side.

Thanks again!

30 06 2010 12.37PM

also, just a note at least on ff, clicking the “What does this do?” link doesn’t do anything. I am assuming it is suppose to pop something up or go some place?

What does this do? heh.. Sorry to be pointing these things out here. I just want to make sure it is working properly.

Kind regards,

30 06 2010 12.41PM


The point of th eplugin is to enable non-HTML users to add snippets of HHTML (such as the Paypal code for example) into their website easily. So yes, the Add HTML button is in the visual editor as non-coders won’t want to go anywhere near the HTML editor.

I will add a screenshot for clarity though – that’s a good idea!

As for the “Info” button then it’s just not been setup to do anything here as we’re hoping the plugin is self explanatory. Still… maybe that is not the case.

Thanks for the feedback.

30 06 2010 12.54PM

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