5 HTML5 Banner Advert Trends For 2018

HTML5 ads are everywhere. They can pop up anywhere online, and according to Adobe, 1 in 3 people just don’t like them - but when used properly, they can be highly effective tools for advertising. These are some of the best ads we've seen, recently.

Nowadays, static HTML5 and Flash banners aren’t that effective. With 11% of web users using ad-blockers – there’s a chance you’ve probably missed these ads. Apple and Google are even building ad-blocker style Intelligent Tracking Prevention in their most recent versions of Chrome and Safari, so the need for dynamic, visually-stunning ads will be more apparent than ever.

As a digital design agency, we live and breathe visually dynamic material, so we’ve kept an eye out for the best ads we’ve seen, and want to show off the best of what HTML5 animation can do, and what trends to expect in 2018. We couldn’t really rank them, so we split them into categories:

  • Customisation
  • Site Takeovers
  • Video Banners
  • Showing Off
  • Provocative Content
  • as well as Something Completely Different

Check out our top list of HTML5 banner ads trends for 2018 that will really step up your next online advertising campaign:

Customisable Banners

Nissan Juke – Personalizer

Advertising Nissan’s Design Studio – creative agency Digitas produced this superb banner ad. Utilizing the HTML5 360° Image View Block, it’s hard to resist playing with the interactive ad. There’s a colour changer too – allowing to use swatches that match your preference. We really think that adding customization makes ads more personal, and could boost your next campaign, and maybe and will be a trend we’ll see moving forward. Talking of 360° and customization, we built a bespoke 3D customiser for a client of ours, Zespoke.

Website Hijacking

Hendrick’s Gin – Cultivate the Unusual for World Cucumber Day 2017

William Grant & Sons push the limits of HTML5 advertising, with a full-page ad that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the website. Hendrick’s “Cultivate the Unusual” campaign skins the background of a site, hiding a showcase of Terry Gilliam style animation and Victorian illustrations behind the page to spike a visitor’s curiosity. The combination of quirky 2D animation and full page content really show combining excellent content and outside-the-box thinking can step up any ad campaign in 2018.

Now You’re Just Showing Off

Fiat Chrysler – “Abarth 124 Spider”

This was a no-brainer for us – earlier this year Fiat Chrysler gifted us with “The Body-Controlled Banner”; a HTML5 game that simulates the sensation of Abarth 124 Spider’s powerful cornering by using the webcam to detect head-movements which are translated to controls of the game. Running in a YouTube masthead, “The Body-Controlled Banner” is our top pick due to the fun, engaging element combined with the accessible control scheme. It’s the nature of online advertising to draw us away from what we’re doing, so what’s better to distract us, and draw our attention, than an interactive game that anyone can play?

Best Use Of Content

MTV – #LookDifferent Campaign

MTV teamed up with Texas based creative company to expand their campaign #LookDifferent, exploring bias in modern society. Creative agency Preacher hijacked banner ads on MTV and other websites, producing parodies of generic banner ads you’d typically see on the web. Highlighting how banner ads and sexual assault are similarly ignored, Preacher and MTV have produced some intense thought-provoking content, that once noticed, holds a message that’s difficult to shake. Preacher and MTV’s #LookDifferent content is not to be ignored, and shows just how key content is to a successful campaign.

and now for something completely different…

Bombay Sapphire’s Artifier

Released at the end of 2016, we think that BBDO New York’s alternative approach is just something a little extra-special. As a Google Chrome Extension, Artfier embraces ad-blocking, replacing online banners with art from Bombay Sapphire’s partners of emerging artists. Artifier is replacing more than 3 million banners a month, replacing the usual white-noise with something else. Click the image above to find out more.

Want to know more?

We’ve been building with HTML5 for years, with multiple agencies and clients. If any of these ads sparked your interest, and you want help with a HTML5 banner or advert, get in contact and have a chat. Why not check out our animation portfolio where you can see adverts we’ve conceptualised, story-boarded and animated for a wide range of clients.

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