Animated Explainer Videos

Companies and brands that are successful online know that sometimes words just aren’t enough.

For more than 20 years, we have produced animated explainer videos – promotional, and corporate – for clients across the globe as a powerful sales and marketing tool.

Example of Animation Storyboard for Gateshead Council


Our animated explainer videos use motion to inform and entertain the customer. In a matter of seconds businesses can explain visually who they are, cutting through the noise and standing out from the competition. Similarly, these corporate animations are a successful tool for companies to inform employees of their mission and values or as how-to guides to its solutions and services.

When embedded on websites these animations tap into consumers’ desire for better and more personalised shopping experiences. They prompt visitors to act, moving them towards a purchase, and directing their attention to the information you really want them to see.

Whatever type of animated explainer video you choose to invest in, these highly engaging and shareable formats will help you increase your visibility and drive growth online.


Take a look at some of our animated explainer videos

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