Animated GIFs

Our team has been animating for the web for more than 20 years. In these early days web technology was still in its infancy, and bandwidth was limited. Even though we have gone on to create Flash or HTML5 animations, we still have a niche client base requiring GIF animations.

Outdated technology or practical solution?

GIF animation still has a place in the web development industry. Flash and HTML5 animation offer a more modern solution, but these come at cost in the development time. Animated GIFs can be a quicker option for small animations on your website, for example buttons or small graphical elements. These little touches of animation give a small amount of interactivity to your website and help to draw the users to important calls to action.

Importantly GIFs can be seen on all devices, so they are a solid option if 100% accessibility is required. They can also be used (sparingly) on HTML emails.

The Animation Process

The GIF animation process begins in much the same way as many of our more complex animation solutions. We plan the graphical elements, then animate them on a frame by frame basis.

The final GIF is saved out to minimise the file size just like it was on early websites. You will lose the level of detail and crispness of other animations, but you maintain a fast and efficient website delivering animation with little server space lost.

For small touches of animation to draw your users’ attention, GIF animations still have their place on the web.

Interested in using GIF animations on your website?

Take a look at our GIF animation portfolio and if you need animation for your website, Kino Creative can guide you through every step of the design process.