White Label Design & Agencies

At Kino Creative, we don’t always deal directly with a client. Sometimes we are asked to take on work that’s too challenging or time consuming for other studios or agencies, and that’s why we offer a while label design, development and animation services to agencies and partner studios. But what is white labeling? By offering white label development and design services, we gain experience working with a wide variety of different clients, across an even more diverse range of projects we otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to work on. We understand that we’re part of a competitive industry, so we welcome any opportunity we can to collaborate with partner studios and agencies.


  • /Web Design and Development
  • /Animation
  • /Facebook Apps
  • /HTML5 Adverts

Looks really good the easyJet stuff!

Phil Raby, Head of Sales, Criteo

Communication is key

We'll pretend to be you

When it comes to white label design and development, we understand that communication can get a little complicated. We’re happy to position ourselves as your own external design and development team, communicating direct with the client, getting their project right, without letting them know we’re somebody else.

Or we'll just be us

But sometimes it’s easier for us just to be us. Pretending to be another agency can sometimes prove tricky. If that’s the case, we will still white label the work as you, only when it comes to communication with the client we won’t mask who we are. However you want to approach white labeling, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

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