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Designing responsive, accessible HTML emails and templates are a tricky business, as they’re years behind websites in terms of usability and design. This limitation is mostly due to the wide range of webmail, email clients and dedicated email software systems available. With so much possibility it’s not easy to say how your customers will be viewing your email. As a result, we always aim to make the HTML email template we create look great on as many platforms as possible. By using a more restricted HTML design, we can maximize the performance of an email with minimal loss of features. Your email campaigns might not have fancy animations and advanced technologies but they will look fantastic across multiple devices and platforms, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Pardot/Salesforce.


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A video like this is very challenging to put together, as you need to be able to sell a whole app concept clearly in a very short window of time, however I think we have achieved that. Oot has been the largest project I have been a part of, and also the most rewarding. I am looking forward for the app to be out there for everyone in the Newcastle area and beyond to use.

Emma Routledge, Designer, Oot

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