Audio Editing

When it comes to video, and especially animation, it’s often the case that the audio isn’t treated with the same attention as the visuals. Most inexperienced animators will make the mistake of neglecting the audio as they find themselves focused on producing the best visuals they can. If your animation project requires audio – be it an animation voiceover, sound effects or an animation backing track, you can be sure that our audio editing services will add emotion to video animation, and deliver a finished product that not only looks good, but sounds good too.


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A video like this is very challenging to put together, as you need to be able to sell a whole app concept clearly in a very short window of time, however I think we have achieved that. Oot has been the largest project I have been a part of, and also the most rewarding. I am looking forward for the app to be out there for everyone in the Newcastle area and beyond to use.

Emma Routledge, Designer, Oot

Animation services we offer

2D animation

Creating a 2D animation is the most cost and time effective way to bring your vision to life. Creating an animation in 2D gives you the flexibility to present complex ideas in a much more understandable form. Find out more.

3D animation

3D animation can give your brand near photo-realistic visualisations. It’s a perfect way to explain detailed technical, mechanical and industrial processes, and can really give your next project the wow factor. Find out more.

Animated GIFs

GIFs are simple to make, with small file sizes that are generally supported by all web browsers. They’re much more than a comical way of sprucing up your instant messages. Find out more.

HTML5 animation

HTML5 animations are a quick, efficient way of including animated elements on your website and web based applications, with low load times and support on all modern browsers and devices. Find out more.

Flash animation

Even though cases of Flash used online has reduced over the years, it doesn’t stop Flash animations being a great tool to be used offline for promotions, eLearning, internal communications television advertisements and other offsite uses. Find out more.

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