2D Animation

Over the past two decades at Kino Creative, we have been providing 2D promotional, explainer, and web animations, to clients across the globe. When it comes to animating for the web, our 2D animators produce small animations for animated websites that will guide visitors to interact with call-to-action prompts, move them towards a purchase, and direct their attention to the information you really want them to see. We also regularly produce 2D video animation explainer videos for businesses to explain who they are and what they do in a highly engaging and shareable format.


  • /Ideation and concept development
  • /Storyboarding
  • /Voice over and audio sourcing
  • /Explainer videos
  • /After Effects

Kino understood the story we wanted to tell and brought that to life, they got the important message of our core values.

David Morgan, Quality Improvement Manager North East Ambulance Service

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