Responsive HTML Emails & Microsoft Outlook Email Design

  • "I love working with Kino for three major reasons – Creative, Responsive/Quick turn-around and On-Time-Delivery… And anyone who is working on design projects will surely need all 3 in an agency. Specifically Kino have been amazing at developing sleek and easy to use templates for various landing pages and emails. The team is as knowledgeable on HTML code as they are on getting the design right! Thank you to the amazing team."

    Premanjali Gupta, Marketing Manager, APAC Criteo Singapore

At Kino Creative we design responsive HTML emails to work with many email viewers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and programs like Microsoft Outlook. We usually design and code email templates for advertising campaigns and promotional newsletters but we’re always happy to develop responsive email templates for any email campaign needs.

Will my email look good everywhere?

Designing responsive HTML emails is a tricky business. HTML emails are still way behind websites in terms of usability and design. This limitation is mostly due to the wide range of webmail services, web based email clients and dedicated email software systems that are available. With so much possibility it’s often hard to say how your customers will be viewing your email.

As a result of this we always aim to make our email designs look great over as many possible platforms as possible. We use a more restricted HTML design that maximises the performance of the email with minimal loss of features. Your email campaign might not have fancy CSS3 animations or advanced website technologies but it will still look fantastic across multiple devices and platforms. Strong responsive HTML designs from our design team, coupled with interesting information and eye catching imagery will maximise the reach of your next campaign.

Are there any restrictions on HTML emails?

Yes, there are a number of factors to consider when developing email templates. The major concern is the use of tables. Using tables to layout a website was phased out many years ago in place of modern development techniques. However, emails are way behind websites and still use tables to maximise compatibility with dated email viewers like older versions of Microsoft Outlook. Emails also use restricted CSS code, the code that tells the HTML how it should look. This means that many modern features of CSS like animation is unavailable, or has limited support in emails. These restrictions mean that we push our graphic design skills to their limit to make the most of the visuals available, even when we are restricted by the code.

What can I use in my emails?

Emails aren’t just limited to text and images. We can design emails to accommodate almost any content. For video or animated content we recommend that clients consider a separate campaign page on their website and direct users to more advanced content there. That way you can use the email design as a call to action, suggesting users view the content onsite and link to the website where tracking and a better user experience is available.

If you have any concerns about your email content viability, please contact us and we can discuss your email needs. We always offer suggestions to make the most of your email promotions.

Can I get a template for specific email campaign systems?

We’ve designed emails for many specific platforms including Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor and Pardot. We can design an email template for almost any email campaign system.