North News & Pictures

North News & Pictures provides quality video, images and copy to regional and national newspapers and magazines, as well as business, education, Health and public sector clients. They deliver quality content, but their old site wasn’t showing that content at its best. They needed a complete website redesign that would give the user a better experience and make finding content easier. This new clean design still uses the original black and white branding, but the improved imagery and videos add a much needed splash of colour.

Improving the visibility of images and videos was important to North News, so we added Vimeo integration to support HD video and 360 photography using PanoVR2 embedding. Images and articles are now much more prominent, allowing potential clients to see the quality photography North News can provide. Using WordPress, we’ve created a CMS system that gives North News full control of their site from an easy to use site dashboard.

The new North News & Pictures website is now user friendly and visually stunning, while at the same time it remains responsive and easy to manage.

Website Design & Development
WordPress CMS Control
Fully Responsive
Vimeo Integration
Pano2VR Integration
High Quality Images & Video