Michael Heppell

We redesigned the website of motivational speaker Michael Heppell. Taking the look and feel of the original website branding, we updated it with a fresh and modern slant while making it responsive to work across mobile devices.

  • Creating a website is one of the most crucial parts of any business. You want to it to look like a million dollars but you don't want the design and build cost to be quite so high.

    Kino Creative have been our knights in shining web code.

    I asked all the stupid questions and they made me feel smart. I gave all the 'what if' requests and they were seamlessly incorporated. And we agreed a budget which was kept to.

    All those points are important but when you add great people you have a web partner who you're delighted you chose and are proud to work with.

    Michael Heppell, Speaker, Coach, Author

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