Criteo Case Study Redesign

After creating their new icon bank and new slide deck templates we were approached by Criteo to create a new template for their Case Studies. This was to be created within the same style and feel as the previous work we had completed for them. It needed to be bright and colourful whilst remaining within their brand guidelines, allowing enough breathing room for the important text content of the case study. It also needed to be flexible to useĀ each of Criteo’s secondary brand colours: teal, red, green and yellow.

  • Continuing to collaborate with Criteo on developing new elements for their updated brand after working on their new Icon Bank and PowerPoint template has continued to be a fun project for me to be a part of. These templates are such an integral design staple in the resources that Criteo provide on their website, so it was a fantastic opportunity for us as a company, and they are always a pleasure to work with.

    Emma Routledge - Project Designer, Kino Creative

InDesign Template
4 colour variations