Oot: For Users

Oot was an upcoming social discovery app, and so on it’s impending Newcastle upon Tyne launch we put together a quick introductory animation. With a colourful, quirky 2D character animation, Oot: For Users introduces the app, showing off exactly what the app is, and how users should expect it to work.

  • /2D Animation
  • /Storyboarding
  • /Audio editing

A video like this is very challenging to put together, as you need to be able to sell a whole app concept clearly in a very short window of time, however I think we have achieved that. Oot has been the largest project I have been a part of, and also the most rewarding. I am looking forward for the app to be out there for everyone in the Newcastle area and beyond to use.

Emma Routledge, Oot

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