North East Ambulance Service – CARE Animation

North East Ambulance Service reached out to Kino for a explainer animation that could show the capability and benefits of their new CARE system, a technical solution for sharing information between NEAS employees and their managers about the quality of their patient care.

The animation was required to show both the digital and human elements of the processes CARE delivers: the conversation between staff and their managers, the relation to patient care, and the CARE system itself.

We first created a standalone, 3 minute video, complete with voiceover and music, that NEAS could use for conferences and sharing between internal colleagues. This was then divided into 4, shorter animations that could be shared through digital channels like social media. As a result of the video’s success, we were asked to create a supporting poster.

  • /Animation
  • /Storyboarding
  • /2D animation
  • /Audio Editing

Kino understood the story we wanted to tell and brought that to life, they got the important message of our core values.

David Morgan, Quality Improvement Manager, North East Ambulance Service

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