Criteo Feature Spotlight

Firstly, we were approached by Criteo to create a one-off document that was to coincide with a responsive infographic about Criteo’s Dynamic Retargeting service. We created a new specific layout that was in line with their brand and the previous documents we had created for them. We received a great response from the team at Criteo, so much so that we were getting requests to create further documents within this layout, specifically Criteo’s Feature Spotlights

This one-time document has became a template for these type of documents, which we have created several documents with since, and continue to work on more.

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  • /Iconography

“Receiving additional requests from various members of Criteo’s team for documents of this nature after the one-off we created was great news as referrals have been a significant factor in our growth in the past. As the document was not originally a template, adapting the content we received for the extra documents was a challenge, as there can be a lot of variety between the copy and imagery used between documents, however we have been able to take the content and mould the layout around it so that it not only best represents the content, but each document is also consistent with each other.”

Emma Routledge, Kino Creative

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