Kino Creative Design Process

The team at Kino Creative uses a simple step by step creative design process to make sure your project is delivered just the way you want it. Whether it’s a design for print, a new website, an infographic or an animation, we produce it to the same high standard we do for all our projects. We always outline the steps to completion in your budget so you know exactly what you are paying us to make. This attention to detail has let us to work with many big brands and we strive to uphold your high standards as well as our own.

1 | Initial conversations

Tell us what you need. Get to know us and speak directly to the experts who will be steering your digital design and development. A little chat can go a long way so at Kino Creative we let you talk to the people responsible for creating your project.

Initial conversations

2 | Working out the brief

We work with you to develop your concept from your principal vision and insight through to practical implementation.

We help you write the brief, answering any questions and making informed suggestions.

Working out the brief

3 | Exploring and experimenting

We engage with you throughout the R&D process to find best way to bring your project to life, within your budget and timescale. We don't just adapt existing technologies to your needs, we are just as happy to create new ones to suit your goals too.

Exploring and experimenting

4 | Project planning

Once we get to this stage, we have a good idea of what you need in terms of design and functionality and how we are going to achieve this.

We always like to provide a project plan that includes a full specification, outlined costs, our suggested approach, the project timeline and a post launch digital strategy if you need one.

Project planning

5 | Digital product design

This is the exciting bit! This is where you see your ideas taking shape. From wire framing and mobile design all the way through to full screen view and animation story boarding, as required.

Once you have signed off on the designs, we start the development.

Digital Product Design

6 | Digital product development

This is where the fun really gets going - and you watch your project coming to life. Now you begin to see your vision just as your customers will eventually experience it.

Digital product development

7 | Testing

We test everything to ensure your website or application is picture perfect and glitch-free across all devices. For us this is a really critical stage - we have developed our own robust testing process to ensure resilience and seamless customer experience across all devices on our websites and apps.


8 | Launch

Your website or product launch is the most exciting and sensitive phase of the project development, with all the momentum and hard work behind you. We've launched hundreds over the years, but the launch phase never loses its edge!

Our secret is great communication, micro-management and minute attention to detail. But don't take our word for it - read what our clients say about us.


9 | Post launch marketing

Once your site goes live you can work with us and our partners to promote your site. Our network of trusted partners has a proven track record when it comes to promotion and campaign monitoring.

Post launch marketing