Is It Time For A Website Refresh?

Unfortunately, a website doesn’t get better with age, so it’s important to keep your site a fresh, innovative showcase of you and your business. Apparently most people have given up their New Years Resolution, so here’s our top reasons it might be time to make a change with your website.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into full force on May 25th 2018 with the potential to effect big and small businesses. There’s still a little bit of uncertainty, so we’ve had an explore about what it all really means…

Large WordPress sites: big brand sites using WordPress

We take a look at some of the largest blogs and websites powered by WordPress, some of which may be surprising! If you thought WordPress was limited to small websites and blogs, think again. These large WordPress sites are used buy some of the worlds biggest brands to promote their content.

WordPress Security Update Package

You want to protect your site and keep its content safe, right? Of course you do, especially with all these recent security scares going on. Have a read about the new WordPress security update package we are now offering and the ways which it will protect your website from those crafty hackers.

Using WordPress Featured Images

In this tutorial we learn how using WordPress featured images allows us to associate a chosen image with each post or page. This is commonly used in newspaper style layouts to display a little thumbnail image next to each entry in a list of blog posts. Post thumbnails are really easy to set up and incredibly flexible.