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Is It Time For A Website Refresh?

Unfortunately, a website doesn’t get better with age, so it’s important to keep your site a fresh, innovative showcase of you and your business. Apparently most people have given up their New Years Resolution, so here’s our top reasons it might be time to make a change with your website.

Hot off the Press – Guardian Zeitgeist

I see on the Guardian website today that they have unveiled an interesting experiment they’ve been working on called Zeitgeist (A German word which means “spirit of the times”). They describe it as: “a new way to reveal and explore content on the Guardian site, according to “social signals” from users.”

Awesome vintage stamp social media icons

I ran across these amazingly well designed vintage stamp social icons at Dawghouse Design Studios and was really impressed. They’re very high quality and there’s a great tutorial detailing how they were made.

Cool new features in WordPress 2.9

Ok, so we’re a bit late on with this one, WordPress 2.9 was released waaay back in December, introducing some handy new features. We would have reported it then but we were too full of Christmas (ahem) spirit