Resize images for your website

Properly formatted images are essential for a professional looking website. Thankfully there’s a simple online tool to help you crop and resize your images to fit.

Vectors in Photoshop – Why using vectors for web design is usefull

Many designers new to Photoshop probably won’t have got round to using the vector tools yet as they are not really a core part of the Photoshop offering. However, for designers working in teams, or working on designs that regularly need editing and updating, then it’s worth learning how to use vectors.

Using WordPress Featured Images

In this tutorial we learn how using WordPress featured images allows us to associate a chosen image with each post or page. This is commonly used in newspaper style layouts to display a little thumbnail image next to each entry in a list of blog posts. Post thumbnails are really easy to set up and incredibly flexible.

Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials of 2008

In retrospect 2008 was a great year for Photoshop tutorials. The quality of tutorials is way up, exposure is as good as ever with the explosion of the blogosphere, and of courses the Photoshop pros have had a full year to come to terms with the new features of Adobes’ CS3

Beginners jQuery Tutorial

This tutorial takes you through the basics for getting jQuery setup on your website. It’s very straightofrward and aimed at those who aren’t over familiar with Javascript or jQuery