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As we inch closer to the end of 2023, it feels fitting to share some of the best design projects Kino have been involved in during our 21st year! 🎉   Meta This year saw us expand our collaboration with Meta after we first connected with the global tech company in 2022. We provide on-demand […]

We’ve moved offices

We’ve just moved to the i6 Business Centre in Charlotte Square, Newcastle city centre. Please note our new contact details below.

Responsive Infographics – The Benefits & Our Infographic Work

The word Infographic is one that is now seen and heard of constantly throughout the web. It could be seen as a ‘hot internet trend’ by some, but there is no denying an infographic or data visualisation’s value in regards to consuming information online. To prove this, we decided to give you the facts on infographics… and what better way to show them than in an infographic?

Kino Creative Brand & Site Redesign

Over the last few months here at Kino we have been going through the long and sometimes challenging process of going through a full rebrand and site redesign. It’s never an easy task for any company, but it is probably even harder for a creative and digital company. With so much other work for clients that always takes priority, going through a brand change can seemingly take forever, and with so many creative minds and ideas floating around the office you never quite know if everyone will be able to reach a decision and be satisfied with the end result… but we’ve done it! And I’m here to talk about it.