Comment and Opinion

The best viral of 2010?

It’s amazing to think that the best viral of 2010 may have already hit the web, but when Fusion Creative sent this through I almost cried with laughter. It’s so effective on every level; technically smart, great message, smooth exectution, limitlessly forwardable.

Why is accessibility so important?

Here at Kino Creative we take the issue of web accessibility very seriously. Accessibility is all about ensuring your website can be used by everyone, not just the average person. For example a blind user will browse the web using a screen reader that reads the content of a site out loud.

Javascript can be easy

Introduced in 2006, jQuery is a free compact JavaScript library that simplifies interaction between Javascript and HTML. Being a designer and not a programmer it was with some trepidation that I approached jQuery in order to build a little extra functionality into a site