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5 HTML5 Banner Advert Trends For 2018

HTML5 ads are everywhere. They can pop up anywhere online, and according to Adobe, 1 in 3 people just don’t like them – but when used properly, they can be highly effective tools for advertising. These are some of the best ads we’ve seen, recently.

Responsive Infographics – The Benefits & Our Infographic Work

The word Infographic is one that is now seen and heard of constantly throughout the web. It could be seen as a ‘hot internet trend’ by some, but there is no denying an infographic or data visualisation’s value in regards to consuming information online. To prove this, we decided to give you the facts on infographics… and what better way to show them than in an infographic?

Responsive navigation

As responsive design grows more and more popular, it’s hard to come across a website which isn’t responsive; although, when you do you sometimes can’t help but be a little bit disappointed. Getting the navigation right on responsive design can be tricky and can sometimes leave users – particularly those on mobile devices – at a loose end. So, with it’s ever growing popularity, it’s well worth looking into the many ways to take care of navigation for smaller screen sizes to find the one that’s right for you. In this article you will find 5 examples, one of which may be just right for you.

Responsive website design: The benefits

Want to know the reason why you may be losing customers? And how to solve it? Read our simple guide to responsive website design, which tells you how to keep up with all the latest trends and could be your step to success.

Top 10 datagraphic websites

I was browsing through one of the sites we’ve recently launched and saw a fantastic post on data-graphics by Ann Winter of the Arts Research Digest.

Phase out IE6 petition signed!

All web developers have a love/hate relationship with IE6, but only since the Chinese attacked Google using an IE6 security hack has the matter really come to the public attention.

Cool new features in WordPress 2.9

Ok, so we’re a bit late on with this one, WordPress 2.9 was released waaay back in December, introducing some handy new features. We would have reported it then but we were too full of Christmas (ahem) spirit