Bespoke WordPress Websites & WordPress Customisation

  • "We worked with Kino to build a completely new website from the ground up. We now have a modern, intuitive and striking website that is helping us to more effectively share our ground-breaking work. In addition to helping us in the build up to the launch of our site, they’ve also provided support with any issues we’ve had since and ensured the site is regularly updated and secure."

    Ben Sawtell, Communications Manager, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre
  • "Kino delivered a fantastic website on a tight schedule and to a tight budget. Their design work and creativity was great and we’re really happy with the results."

    Felice Howden, Online Content Manager, Little Brown
  • "It's the second time we've used Kino and once again they have delivered a great site exactly against brief. We are very proud of our new slick and contemporary online image."

    Tim Bond, Owner, Network Sundays

WordPress is our go to platform for building bespoke websites. This lets us make use of its robust content management system (CMS) while still being able to add in the custom functionality your project might need. At Kino Creative we’ve build everything with WordPress including simple brochure websites, eLearning applications for staff training and even large scale eCommerce websites with configurable 3D products. WordPress customisation is what we do best, you can see some of our customised WordPress sites in our portfolio.

WordPress Customisation

WordPress is build with PHP. This powerful programming language lets us customise WordPress to work however you need it to. Our PHP programming expertise will let us integrate almost any systems into your site or let is output date to your existing systems.

Isn’t WordPress just for blogs?

WordPress is capable of much more than just blogs. At its heart it is a platform for developing PHP based websites with a customisable CMS that lets you manage your website from one easy to use dashboard. This infinitely customisable platform lets us create your website exactly how you want it. From bespoke design to custom development Kino Creative can build your website just the way you’ve imagined it.

WordPress for Bloggers

WordPress stared out as a blogging platform but is capable of so much more, however, if you need a blog on your website it still excels at what it was first known for. We are able to integrate a WordPress blog onto your existing website whether it’s built with WordPress or not. This lets you use the advanced CMS for your blogging needs while keeping it separate from the management of your existing site.

WordPress Security & Optimisation

We don’t just make new WordPress websites. We also optimise WordPress websites to increase their speed and decrease load times. This can be incredibly useful for large websites with many images like shopping sites. As well as boosting performance we also increase security of WordPress sites. We are able to restrict unauthorised login attempts, prevent spam messages and more. Call us to get the speed and security of your WordPress website boosted.

What can a customised WordPress website offer you?

Our WordPress customisations are all about taking a simple to use and easy to manage system like Wordpress, and customising it to give it the functionality you need.

Every WordPress customisation is tailored to your website. We are always looking for a new challenge that will show off what WordPress can do for you. We've put together a few benefits of Wordpress and hope that people will see its power as much more than a blogging platform.

Manage your site with a content management system (CMS)

The WordPress CMS is as easy to learn as it it to customise. Everything on your website can be controlled from a single dashboard. Everything is separated into dashboard pages that let you access the features you need. Basic content management can be done from the post or page creation section. Plugins or contact forms can be easily managed with just a few clicks.

While the standard CMS dashboard is easy to use its real power is in the customisation. Here at Kino Creative we can tailor the dashboard to suit the needs of your website. If you need an eCommerce platform that lets you integrate 3D models, we’ve done it. Need to integrate your contact forms with an off site lead management system? We’ve done that too. Kino can give you control over any aspect of your online platform with an easy to understand system.

Start selling online directly from your dashboard

With WooCommerce you can start selling online in no time. Products can be added and customised to give your customers just what they are looking for. The system offers many features including variable products, sales reports, order management and sales promotions. Combine this with our customisation expertise and you have a powerful selling platform at your disposal.

Theme & plugin setup and customisation

While most of our clients come to us for a bespoke design and with specific development requirements we do offer a theme customisation service. If you need a WordPress theme or plugin installing and customising to suit your websites needs we are able to make those customisations to both.

Multi-format media library

Its important to leave a lasting, positive impression of your website on users. One of the most important ways to do this is with a great looking site. Good visuals will need a combination of images, videos and other downloadable content. The WordPress media  library lets you manage multiple image and video formats ready to be imported in to posts and pages. It also lets you upload files like PDFs for users to download and share.

WordPress search engine optimisation

Having a great looking site is only half the battle when trying to get noticed online. WordPress supports many useful tools to improve the the search appearance of your website. Everything from meta data to content readability can be controlled from the CMS. We can also integrate with tracking systems like Google Analytics to provide you with additional information about how your users are using your site.

Backing up WordPress

We use a regular backup system with all our websites to give you peace of mind that your site is safe. We can also integrate a manual backup system into your WordPress website so you can take a backup and download the files to keep them safe.

Our Bespoke Wordpress Websites

This is just a small selection of our websites work.