HTML5 Animations & HTML Animated Banners

With over 20 years of animation experience our team at Kino Creative here seen many changes in technology. One of the largest changes of recent years is the use HTML5 based animations. These web based animations utilise the code your browser already understands to manipulate the imagery. These have largely replaced Flash animation as they can be viewed by everyone, including mobile devices.

At Kino Creative we aim to offer eye catching animations that won’t slow your website performance. Our HTML5 web animations offer you the animation flexibility of Flash, with the performance of modern web based animation. This latest web animation technology will capture the attention of you customers and site users with the animation excellence your brand deserves.

HTML5 advertising and banners

Banner adverts should now be built using HTML5 animation as it is the only fully accessible language that also enables a good level of animation. HTML5 banners can be relatively easily integrated into advertising platforms such as Doubleclick. We’ve been building HTML5 banners for years now, working with agencies and directly with clients. We can advise, storyboard, build and deliver full HTML5 banner campaigns for you or your client.

Did this replace flash animation?

For online banners the answer is yes. But many websites, applications and promotional campaigns still use flash animations. While it is best practice to convert your Flash animation into HTML5 animation, we still provide both options and help you choose the best animation platform for your project. Flash is still useful for offline projects where HTML5 animation wouldn’t be appropriate, or would be too time consuming to implement.

Why use HTML5 for a web project?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages for websites and web based applications. This means that modern browsers for desktop and mobile are always looking to support the latest web technologies. HTML5 animation makes use of these technologies in the web animation process so the number of devices you can reach is far greater than flash based animations. As a rule of thumb assume Flash animations won’t work on mobile devices, whereas HTML5 animations will.

This new animation for the web also comes with speed and performance improvements over flash, with many users and independent tests showing faster website loading times over those using flash.

The Animation Process

The HTML5 animation process has allowed our team of talented animators to collaborate with our developers to implements this animation technology.

With HTML5 animations we still take the time to plan all our animations. Understanding your business and product is the starting point. Storyboarding is an important step in the approval process where we plan the important animations and key frames. This lets you understand the animation plan right from the start.

Once storyboarding is complete we can jump straight into the coding process and begin the HTML5 animation. Turning your brief into an efficient web animation is big part of the Kino Creative design ethos.

Interested in our HTML5 animations?

Take a look at our HTML5 animation portfolio and if you need animation for your website, Kino Creative can guide you through every step of the design process.