Flash Animations & Flash Banners

Kino has a long and proud tradition of online animation dating back twenty years. We have worked directly with some of the largest online advertisers in Europe, including easyJet, Channel 4, Autoglass and many others. We also specialise in white label work for agencies looking to improve quality and delivery of animation to their clients.

Our unique Flash animations are a great way to capture your audience’s attentions or to promote your brand. Animated content is not just available to global business anymore, it’s a great showpiece for any brand.

Is Flash Dead?

Flash isn’t dead. It’s true that Flash animations or full Flash websites have reduced in number over the years but Flash still has an important role to play in the animation industry.

Flash is great tool for promotional videos used offline and at Kino Creative we’ve worked to produce Flash animations for promotions, eLearning, internal communications, television advertisements, and other offsite uses.

Promotional Material

One of the great things about our Flash animations is that we can render those animations into a video format. These could be used for your company’s in-store promotions or shared with customers directly through your YouTube channel or other social platforms. Our Flash animations are a versatile tool for your business or brand.

Beyond Flash Animation

As powerful as Flash is for offline and website animation, it is fast being replace my newer technologies like HTML5 animation. At Kino Creative we also have a team of dedicated HTML5 animators to bring your visuals to life using the latest technology.

If Flash animation or HTML5 animations won’t be supported by your web project we are also experts in animated GIFs. These small scale animated images can be used to add subtle animation on your project when large scale animation just won’t work.

The Animation Process

Our talented animators have a wealth of Flash animation experience to produce quality animations for your next animation project.

We take the time to plan all our animations. Storyboarding is an important step in the approval process where we plan the important animations and key frames. This lets you understand the animation plan right from the start.

Once storyboarding is complete we can jump straight into Adobe Flash and begin the animation process. Our quick turnaround on turning your design dreams into an animated reality is a big part of the Kino Creative design ethos.

Interested in our Flash animations?

Take a look at our Flash animation portfolio and if you need animation for your website, Kino Creative can guide you through every step of the design process.