Responsive Website Design & Web Design for Mobile

  • The Kino Creative team have done a fantastic job of visualising the Network Sunday brand and developing a website that speaks to our clientele. They have been a pleasure to work with.

    Rebecca Johnson, Head of Content, Network Sundays

Mobile traffic is higher than it’s ever been and at Kino Creative we build websites that work for your mobile audience not against them. Our team of designers and developers will produce a responsive website design that looks fantastic whatever device your users are vising on.

Google now gives slightly higher search priority to those sites who offer mobile friendly versions of their desktop site to mobile and tablet viewers. That’s why we design for mobile first and our responsive websites offer more than just resized content to fit on a small screen. Our responsive design starts on the drawing board.

Responsive first approach

We know Google looks for mobile friendly sites and we know users want a smooth, usable experience across all platforms. That’s why our designers start their designs with mobile in mind. We produce wire-frames and full page designs for both desktop and mobile browsing. This ensures you get a consistent design that best shows off your brand and you know it will work on mobile or tablets. This attention to detail gives the responsive website a unified design across all devices.

More than just small text and stacked boxes

No two pieces of content are the same and we don’t treat them as such. Responsive website design is about more than just stacking the content one box above the other with a few CSS media queries. We can design content that switches layout to make the most of the available sizes. Banners and call to action graphics can be switched to more appropriate sizes as the devices change size and orientation. Text for titles and body copy can be scaled to make it readable and accessible to mobile users.

Any web design for mobile is done with your content in mind and at Kino Creative we won’t compromise the branding of your site just to make it fit on smaller screen. We provide a bespoke design service and that attention to detail applies just as much for our responsive designs.

Mobile shopping experience

Ecommerce and shopping sites are a huge part of the day to day browsing for many users. A smooth shopping experience is vital to customer loyalty. A bad shopping experience caused by an unusable site will risk the users leaving the site in favour of a better online store. If you can provide your users with a mobile shopping experience they are more likely to return. Kino can provide a complete responsive eCommerce website that is usable for your mobile audience and just as usable for your shop management processes.

Responsive design vs a mobile site

We aim to produce responsive sites for all our clients over the alternative mobile site. This allows your mobile and tablet users to see a single site and share the same URLs as the desktop users. No content is lost or trimmed down to fit on the mobile. We make all our sites adaptive for the size of screen they are seen on and adaptive to the orientation of the device too. There is no loss of traffic to any one particular version of the site it just looks its best across mobile devices.

Everything responsive

We don’t just provide responsive website design. At Kino Creative we are always aiming for the best web experiences. This means that we also produce responsive infographics and even responsive animations that adapt to mobile devices. If you value the viewing experience of your mobile users let Kino Creative produce the best adaptive website design possible.

User friendly CMS

Most of our websites use WordPress for it’s robust content management system (CMS). We create bespoke WordPress websites using the latest HTML, CSS and PHP technology. We are able to give you a user friendly site management dashboard with a completely bespoke user facing front end.

Our Portfolio

This is just a small selection of our websites work.


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