Responsive Infographics & Animated Infographics

  • "Your team has been brilliant and thank you for the hard work on all assets!"

    Ashley Fletcher

As well as standard static infographics we also produce animated infographics. At Kino Creative we have over 20 years of animation experience. We can use this animation expertise to take your ordinary articles, reports or blogs to a new level of user engagement.

Adding animated touches to your infographic content is a great way to attract the viewer’s attention or to direct the viewer to important information.

Our skilled animators will work alongside you every step of the way to create the perfect animations for your content. We storyboard to plan the required animations and use the latest technologies to create the right animation. For small animations we might use GIF images where load times can be reduced.

For more complex animated infographics we use HTML5 animations that allow us to use the latest web technology to animate and display the page. These HTML5 animated infographics can be designed to fit in with an existing web page or be designed in a way that lets them be embedded into another site or offsite application.

Are the infographics responsive for mobile devices?

We aren’t just animation specialists here at Kino Creative, we’re also web designers. We can use our web design expertise to create a great responsive infographic experience that will look good across a range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Responsive infographics will change their layout to adapt to the size of the screen. They don’t just scale down. They can change size or shape or even move to stack content on smaller screens. This adaptive design will make sure your content is readable and looks its best whatever device your users view it on.

Can I have animation with responsive design?

Absolutely! We can combine both responsive infographic design with animated infographics to give the maximum visual impact to your content. Give your band content the boost it needs and give people something they will want to share!

The benefits of responsive infographics

Responsive infographics are such a useful promotional tool that we wrote an article about the benefits of making memorable, shareable and user friendly responsive infographics. You can see some examples of our responsive infographics over on our blog.