Infographics & Content Marketing

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    Ashley Fletcher

Kino Creative produces static infographics, animated infographics and interactive infographics for clients all across the world. Our talented team of graphic designers can take your ordinary data or article and make it more accessible to readers.

Infographics are about making the content interesting. Long articles or numerical data can be off putting to the reader. By presenting the content as an infographic you can improve the readability and make it much easier to engage with the content.

Users are much more likely to remember what your article was about if it features strong visual elements. At Kino Creative we don’t just produce visually stunning infographics we create a means of content marketing.

Infographics for Content Marketing

More and more businesses are using social media and blogging as means to sell their products and build brand awareness. Companies are always competing with other similar businesses to get noticed and infographics are a great way to achieve that.

In short, content marketing is about creating shareable content. This can be posted directly on your own social platforms or shared with other blogs to boost brand awareness. Text heavy articles and raw data is often skim read at best or ignored at worst. With an infographic this information is broken down into visual, bite sized chunks that people will want to read, and importantly will want to share. As more people are share your content the more traffic to your site will improve.

Are infographics just for SEO?

No. Infographics are also a great alternative to the traditional report or presentation. Dry content can be replaced by visually engaging information that is easy to understand and easy to remember. Infographics have made quarterly reports or internal reports something worth sharing.

Are infographics just static images?

Not at all. At Kino Creative we use our animation and web development expertise to create animated infographics. These add another level of user engagement with your content. You can read more about our animated infographics we’ve produced.

Our Portfolio

This is just a small selection of our infographics work.


Criteo: Ramadan 2016



Criteo: Valentine’s Day



Yakult: Love Your Gut



Criteo: Criteo EBS