Graphic Design, Branding and Design for Print

  • "The Kino team are a collaborative collective who I have enjoyed working with on numerous projects over the past 2 years. I can rely on them for their in-depth scoping, working to tight schedules and delivering to a high standard."

    Ellie Donithorn, Digital Project Manager Media Bounty
  • "Your team has been brilliant and thank you for the hard work on all assets!"

    Ashley Fletcher

Design for print is just as important today as it’s ever been. Flyers, posters and business cards are still a big part of company marketing and build brand awareness. Printed reports or brand guidelines are great way to present information to clients or investors during meetings.

Printed work is often seen as luxury as more companies move to purely digital experiences. However, giving this extra level of promotion to your brand might just give you the edge over digital competitors.

At Kino Creative we specialise in graphic design for print and brand development. Our skilled designers will guide you through the design process and make a branded product you will be proud of. We design all our printable products to your exact specification.

Getting the Brief Right

When designing something for print the brief and print requirements have to be right from the beginning. You can’t just make a quick change to a document once it’s been printed. That’s why we take extra care to get the brief right and include you in every step of the design from concept, to proof and finally to print. We ensure that you are happy with the print design and double check the measurements before it goes to print.

Measure Twice. Cut Once.

The old carpentry proverb, “Measure twice. Cut once”, is just as important to printed designs as it is to woodworking. Every printed document will need to be designed with a specific paper size or custom print size in mind. Any changes will need to be reprinted.

That’s why we take special care when setting up our documents for printing. Designs for print need to consider paper size, bleeds, margins, colour range & quality as well as many other small details. These small details can mean the difference between perfect branding and poor prints. Kino Creative will help you get the initial design just right so you can focus on the brand and presentation.

Multiple Print Specifications and International Printing

Here in the UK we are familiar with the A4 paper size for company documents but over in the United States the standard documents size is slightly different. We can design multiple documents, with specific translations that are ready to print where ever your offices are in the world. With Kino Creative you can have matching, on brand documents that will work everywhere. We’ve designed sales reports for distribution in UK and US English and gone on to produce the same report, translated with the layout re-tweaked, ready for distribution in Korea. Local or global, Kino Creative is committed to make your brand look its best.

Digital vs Print

At Kino Creative we do both, we specialise in digital development and print design. That means you don’t need to choose another company if you’d like to move from print to digital or vice versa. With Kino you can have an interactive, responsive infographic or website and be able to take the same information across to a printed document for distribution.

Our Portfolio

This is just a small selection of our print work.


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